Week 2: case study Essay

WEEK 2: Case study



Assem Dyussembekova


Professor: Issam Abu-Ghallous



In general, market structure is a perfect competition which provides the lowest possible price of the product to the public. Walmart is going to be a global retail market, which is expanding globally in mix strategy. Walmart usually uses different segmentation strategies which helps for understanding various sub-segments of customer needs. Mostly, Walmart uses two strategies, which is psychographic and demographic segmentation strategies, it helps to understand their changing needs and helps to learn people`s lifestyle, interests for the market. As a result, segmentation takes all the psychological aspects of the customer which helps to attract more customers. Walmart still going to be the biggest retailer in the world. In the global position, marketing mix analysis in Walmart is a key success factor for the retail business which helps them focus more on one distribution or provide for customer convenient service. They mostly pay attention to the price, for convenience which helped them grow in retail.

Why is good to have demographic segmentation in the retail business. It helps to learn more about customers age, gender, income, occupation, which is helpful to use in marketing strategy. Walmart has a lot of customers, who like they are various products for any life cycle stage. Low pricing strategy attracts a lot of customers. In business strategy, Walmart has a pricing advantage which is going to be sustainable. Walmart is a mega hypermarket which operates in 27 countries in the United States. They do operate in retail, wholesale, supermarkets categories. Based on brand equity, market capitalization has been valued at $215.7 billion in 2016. Because of the low prices in retail industry. Walmart has been more valuable brands in retail industry by Forbes. In economic growth, company drive profitability in the retail industry. Moreover, Walmart going to be the largest retail company in the world. As you can see, that figure shows 5 top retailers in the world in 2018.

[image: Screen%20Shot%202019-03-16%20at%208.10.30%20AM.png]

This figure shows, that Walmart has been reached $500.343 billion by revenue in 2017. If we will compare other company, we can combine the rest four revenues.


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