Today’s society encourages us to change our lifestyles and become more Essay

Today’s society encourages us to change our lifestyles and become more

Nature friendly as well as advancement of every kind of technology

is igniting the momentum and transforming our life’s. We wish to

make our lives comfortable, productive and enjoyable but our planet

has enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed and

these human desires and luxuries results in numerous changes that

are going on with our ecosystem ",several incidents have been reported

about these changes such as rise in the sea level’s and with gradual

increase of our energy consumptions and greater dependency over fossil

fuels acts about global warming , it has become the need of hour

that we use our energy resources wisely and the only alternative is

relying over sustainable energy resources in order to have provision

of electricity without any emissions all around the globe There is

unmatched interest in renewable energy, especially solar and wind

energy. My country, India has also realized the need of change and is

giving exciting opportunities in the field of development of

sustainable energy generation as setting up the largest solar power

plant set up in a single location that can generate up to 648 Mw of

clean & green energy. Indians are proving the worth of their merit and

assiduity on world platforms. The caliber to match international

parameters is a must. This has motivated me to pursue a Master’s

course at your esteemed University.

Feeling the need and with the interest, I want to learn to growing

field of Sustainable energy generation as well as conservation and its

related industries.

After completing my bachelors in mechanical engineering with subjects

like theory of machines, refrigeration & air conditioning and Energy Management and

with thermal as specialization .

Being engineering graduate I want to understand the insight of how sustainable energy resources can be optimized and how it is done on a larger scale in order to feed our growing need with the growing technology. My ambition is to focus on a career aimed at contributing to research and development in the area of sustainable energy conservation as well as generation . Your training will help me understand the vital aspects of all technology with the

capability to adapt, apply and add on new dimensions of my own.

My academic record throughout has been good I secured 8.4 cgpa in

the 10th standard and 75% in the Sciences (comprising Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) in

the 12th standard. There by getting admission to the university

institute of engineering at CU (Chandigarh University)",Punjab here I

graduated with 69.99%.(6.99cgpa) Along with studies, I was the

member of two Technical groups and undertook projects like

fabrication of hydraulic ram and colour detection conveyor belt here

I nurtured some of the qualities by being a active participating.

Since child hood, I was as active as I could be both in and out of

the class in the school and college as well. From being sports

Representative in annual games meet at school to the coordinating

various cultural and technical fests in university, I ensured that

I was always up for the activities. I undertook various science

Olympiads and mathematics Olympiads at school to be competitive and

to apply methods and principles taught at school. Me and my various batch mates were active volunteers for various blood donation camp which were held during my time in the university.

Projects that were essential part of our academics at the university

added to my mental aptitude with the skills like teamwork and

leadership. The engineering curriculum gave me a strong grasp of all

technical principles. Of the wide range of subjects, I was most

interested in energy management, refrigeration and air conditioning and

strength of materials .

During my under-graduate course in mechanical engineering at Chandigarh university (Punjab). It provided exposure towards machines and their mechanism , technology and management methods behind the working of machines.

I received in depth practical knowledge and exposure towards the industry during my industrial training at Preethi kitchen app. Pvt ltd and SML ISUZU Pvt ltd . Industrial interaction made me understood several work flow system, safety parameters and production techniques . In addition I was exposed to various aspects of mechanical engineering and interacted with industrial official with different set of specialization and designations which were involved with several activity and therefore inspired me to persue my further studies. It came into realization that master degree will add an edge to my carrier and will help me to compete globally with other more over my academic carrier will receive the much required exposure and knowledge enabling to excel at it.

The fast emerging global scenario in the felid of sustainable energy and quality of the education with great practical exposure offered at your esteemed university has supplemented by own interest and helped me to come to a decision to persue master studies in Canada .

On doing research online I came across that your university offers the course that is rare and has the immense demand globally and with the best practical exposure, latest study techniques, and dynamic curriculum which will allow me to understand and apply various technique to meet different needs .

I am Appling to your university due to great reputation of department of engineering . Education at your university will help me to keep pace with technological revolution and help me to evolve with demand of change and which would be a major step towards achieving my objectives .

I hope you will grant me privilege of perusing masters degree in your prestigious university. I would be looking forward towards blooming association with Carleton university .



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