This story takes place in the year 2112 Essay

This story takes place in the year 2112. There is a war raging on between the Militia and the IMC. The IMC are taking resources from planets and destroying many other planets. The planet of Harmony is the last hope of survival, for the Militia Headquarters is stationed on Harmony. And although many IMC ships are destroyed, and many bases taken over, there is still a long way to go till the war is over. All though I’m just a Rifleman in the Militia, I’m receiving off-the-books training under the command of Captain Tai Lastimosa. My name is Rifleman Jack Cooper, and we’re almost to the planet Typhon, signing out.

We made it to Typhon, and a bunch of troops, and I are making down to the planet, but tons of us are being taken out by the air defenses on our way to the planet. Luckily 82% percent of us made it down on to the planet safely, but we still need to make it through the ground defenses. We need to make it through Grunts, human foot soldiers, and Specters, hackable foot robots, to make it to an IMC base. Once we cleared out the area of enemy troops, we were going to head to the enemy base, then an enemy Tone came and almost killed everyone until Captain Lastimosa came and saved me. Lastimosa then came out of his titan and dragged me to a nearby bush and gave me some morphine to help heal my wounds, but it would also knock me out for a while. Once he was done giving me the morphine, his titan BT-7274, Bravo-Tango-7-2-7-4, told him that more titans were on the way, so Lastimosa hoped back in BT and took down some more enemy titans. Then I got a quick glimpses of one of the Apex Predators badly injure BT and Lastimosa, and I got one last glimpses of an Apex Predator named Richter looking at dead Militia troops and almost came to me to find that I’m alive, then luckily another Apex Predator came and told him that they need to get going, and said something about transporting the Ark, then I finally knocked out from the effects of the morphine.

The next day I woke up to find that I was being dragged by a wild creature to be eaten, then BT scared the creatures away by shooting at them. Then I walked towards BT, and Lastimosa came out of BT and transferred pilot privileges to me, and then in his dying breath he said, “Cooper, take my titan, use my helmet and jump kit, take care of him…” Then Lastimosa died in my arms. After I took Lastimosas helmet and jump kit, I buried him under some rocks. Then I put on his helmet and it was activating equipping me with all its features, but the jump kit offline for some reason. Next, I had to find a titan battery for BT, and the helmet helped me find the battery that I need. When I started making my way to the battery, I ran into some more of those creatures, and I had to kill them to make it by. After getting past some parkour, I ran into some IMC Grunts. I had to use my cloaking ability to sneak up to them and take them down. And after some more parkour, I ran into a bunch of Grunts and Specters, so I had to kill them to get to the battery. Once I got the battery, I headed back to BT to install the battery, but I found a couple of Grunts guarding him, so I had to take them down too. And once the battery was installed, BT was rebooting his systems. After he was done rebooting his systems, we needed to have a neural link, bond between pilot and titan. After the neural link was complete an IMC Brute came to destroy us, but we destroyed him instead. Know I needed to uphold Lastimosas mission and rendezvous with Major Anderson. So now BT and I are on our way.

Once we got to the rendezvous point, the place looked old, rotten, and deserted. Then I somehow traveled between the past and the present, and then we eventually find Anderson dead. Then BT scanned the memory logs in Andersons helmet, and figure out that the left glove on Andersons hand allows the user to travel through time. Then BT figures out that the glove was causing the time anomalies and suggested that I should be cautious using it. Then I used it and traveled back in time and looked around the laboratory, then I came across the plans for something called the fold weapon, then I went to the Data Base and looked up the plans. The plans explained that the fold weapon has the power to destroy planets, it needed a strong power source called the Ark, then I soon realized that the Apex Predators were transporting the Ark to the IMC, which means that the Apex Predators are hired mercenaries for the IMC. I did more research on them and found out a lot, click here to see five of the six mercenaries, then I found out the next target for the fold weapon, Harmony. Then I got the communication devices there at the laboratory and brought them to the present and used them to alert the Militia, as soon as they came, the commander and chief Sarah Briggs came to us and almost replaced me with a different pilot, if it weren’t for BT telling Briggs that our efficiency rating is at 90% then I would be a Rifleman again, then Briggs allowed it and saw the information and said that they tracked the Arks location to a nearby IMC base. Then we loaded up on supplies and headed to the base. Time to end this, once and for all.

As soon as we got to the IMC base Sarah, a bunch of other titans, and I dropped down and started taking down their front wall, as soon as a hole was blown in the wall enemy titans came out and a massive battle was raging on. We lost some titans and a lot of dead IMC titans, once there was an open pass, Briggs and I started clearing a path up ahead, we ran into two scorches and one of them was Kane. Briggs took care of the scorch while I took on Kane, 18 minutes later, it was a close one but I luckily took down Kane because of his big ego, and at that moment Briggs was almost killed by Ash, before Ash could make the finishing slash, I rammed her with BTs shoulder and took her sword out of her hands and stuck right through the center of her titan chassis and into her. As soon as we were almost there, we were ambushed by five titans, Briggs took on the three Brutes while I took on Richter and Viper. My best chance was using Ashes sword to deflect their bullets, my first target was Richter. I had to block most of his bullets and rockets to get close to him, but it was hard because Viper was giving covering fire so I had to throw the sword at him to knock him out of the sky, then I started beating up Richter with my fists, it was a little easier because Richter and Viper are both snipers, but as soon as Richter was defeated I took his gun and started shooting at Viper. Once I got closer, I dropped the gun and grabbed the sword and sliced Vipers hatch open, then his leg, and finally through him and his titan’s chassis, then I helped Briggs out by stabbing the last Brute through the back. After the battle we started running towards the Ark, but we were to late, the Ark was on a transport on its way to another IMC base where the fold weapon is. So, we got onto ships and headed to the other base.

Once we made it to the IMC base we must break through tons and tons of titans, Briggs then decides that I need to go destroy the ark because I’m very familiar with it, so I must get through a bunch of Legion, Brutes, and Tones. Finally, I make it to the Ark, but I’m stopped by Slone and their leader Blisk, I remember him because he is the one who stopped Richter from finding me in the bush. Then Blisk leaves while I must take down Slone and two other Tones. Slone starts off by using a high-powered laser cannon, but luckily, I use the sword to deflect the laser and blow up the other two Tones, and then she charges at me and knocks me down, then she’s about to use a laser shot to finish me, but I use the sword to deflect the shot back at her titans’ eye. Then I use the sword to slash at her very fast then I finish it with an Arch slash through the center. Then quickly BT and I go to stop the Ark from launching into the Fold Weapon, then the Ark damages BT badly, but the Ark launched into the Fold Weapon. Soon after Blisk comes and tells us that we are apart of the Apex Predators, Bliks boss tells him to kill us, but he said that his boss should have put it in his contract. After Blisk leaves, BT and I get in the cannon, and we’re ready to sacrifice both of us to destroy the Fold weapon, but before we get to the Ark BT gets me out of him and throws me high in the air, then the Ark explodes, and the fold weapon destroyed. Once I get on some ground Briggs picks me up in a ship after some hard parkour and head to the safe planet of Harmony knowing that the IMC are on the run. This is Pilot Jack Cooper, singing out.

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