The village place of peace and reawakening. Essay

The village place of peace and reawakening.

The only place were I can feel myself close to the nature here in Lithuania is my grandmothers village. The place where I spend a significant part of my childhood. When spring comes and nature wakes up after hibernation, the first thing that I do is travel to village where my grandmother with her husband lives. The village is located near the river from one side and the forest from the other, so the countryside is surrounded by nature ",where as we all know it is easier to feel yourself free of everyday struggles and daily routine. When I step on the grass which is almost everywhere I feel how human beings are connected not only with their homeland, but with the entire planet. The air fills me with a life and gives me understanding of how the real life without those technologies and difficulties should look like. The birds that have only build their new nest are filling my ear with the variety of different sounds which pass on different stories from the countries and cities where those birds have been. After understanding how great it is to come back here every time, I also remember, that near the village theirs a river and forest, where I played with my friends in the childhood. When I see that river once again, I try not to bother the wildlife, which is everywhere. Birds, fishes, grasshoppers and even snakes live near that river, so who am I to make their life harder, no one gave me such permission. Here I’m a guest, and the only thing that I can do is to obey the laws of nature and be the part of this ecosystem. I know that childhood years have flown from me, but still, I do like to swim in that river and feel how cold water runs through your body and remind you that you are alive. After swimming in this cold, but at the same time so warm river I move forward. The next station which I’m glad to visit once again is great, exceptional and unique forest. When you go deeper into the thicket, you immediately feel the coolness and freshness. It is pleasant to inhale clean air filled with the smell of flowering plants. High shrubs and grasses often grow in the forest, so sometimes it is difficult to move around if there are no trails. In the summer, people are attracted to visit the forest not only because of its green decoration, but also because of berries and mushrooms. It is very pleasant to come across a large strawberry field to pick up fragrant berries in order to drink tea with jam in a cold winter. In addition to strawberries, forests are also rich in raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. When July comes, warm summer rains will pass, then mushrooms appear - these are brown cap boletus, aspen mushrooms, and honey agarics. Forest in the summer season is filled with life. It is only necessary to be attentive and look at everything happening around. You can stumble on a large anthill, watch as hardworking ants run. If you get to the meadow with flowering plants, you can see how butterflies, bees and bumblebees fly from one flower to another. It is very pleasant to listen to songs of birds that settled in the forest. You can hear the singing of thrushes, orioles and nightingales. Furthermore, if you're lucky enough, you can see a hedgehog which is trying to mind his business. At the sight of a man, he immediately turns into a ball. As he got scary, we need to leave the forest, as the hedgehog will run again on its path, and we as part of this system will return to the city. I like such moments when you visit your childhood places. Being in village gives me goosebumps, because I understand that everything in our life is temporarily, but nature will live forever. Now its time to get back to city, I hope, that I’ll be able to visit this place once again soon. The place where I was raised and was given the knowledge of how decent person should look like and act.

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