The focus is more on achieving goals and their autonomy is high. Essay

The focus is more on achieving goals and their autonomy is high.

If the face a disagreement from the other member of the team they try to resolve the issue within the team positively.

The team member’s relationship is energetic and they can easily work with each other to achieve the goals with assisting each other throughout the project.

However, the team does not need any help from the leaders but in case of any issues team members can ask for help.

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The team that I was leading was a small team consisted of 4 members myself, Thushante, Mariama and Cyzella, the team has decided that I lead the team.

We discussed choosing the topic for our presentation, everyone has expressed and shared their thought to choose a topic and finally, we agreed to choose UBER.

Uber is one of the fast-growing companies of the world which not just operate in transportations but they are also involved in other businesses such as Uber Taxi, Uber Eat, Uber Freight, Uber Air and many other businesses.

The team has decided that I should talk about Uber in general and they will take part in 3 different parts.

I have talked about Uber in general, how they operate and where do they operate.

Thushanthy talked about Uber Eats, how they operate and how do they deliver their food, how to become an Uber driver.

Cyzella spoke about Uber Taxi, how do they operate and what services do they provide, how Uber is different from other taxi companies and what do you need to become an Uber driver.

Finally, Mariama talked about how the Uber applications work, how to download them and use them.

Every one of the team they were very active and contributed their parts to the project.

The secret behind the successful completion of the project was the good leadership, clear objectives, each members responsibility was clear, we had a timeline which we managed to meet the deadline, the communication was very good between the team, part of the team we helped each other to find the right information we needed, as a leader I have encouraged them to be friendly and helpful with each other.

To communicate better we have created a What’s Up group to communicate better.

Mariama was an incredible team member with lots of good information’s and she has contributed with some links which were very helpful.

Thushanthe was the one who came with of What’s Up group idea which helped our project.

Cyzella managed to surprise us with finding some information about Uber that we didn’t know before.

The negative part was that we did not have the chance to work together outside the college or visit any Uber office.

The other negative point at the beginning was the knowledge gap of Uber, none of us before worked with Uber to know the first-hand information and we had to rely on available online information.

Overall project was very good and everyone at the time were nice and friendly and we helped each other to achieve our goals, the team focus was something that we worked on more, the purpose was clear, everyone`s responsibility was clear, we all took part, any errors and negativities we tried to resolve as a team.

The reason they have chosen me as a leader the feeling was that I was mature, confident and well informed about the subject, activities and the deadlines.

I as a leader tried to accomplish well of the job distributions to the team member by understanding the strength and weakness of everyone, I tried to create a friendly atmosphere among the team members",

Coherency within our group: The role of each person in the group

Mariama (Monitor evaluator):

Mariama is a person with work experience, calm, listened to, has meticulous eye and the work of the Mariama: look at the aspects good and bad candidates, evaluate them through each action, responses, the content of the presentation to draw comments on the members to participate in the meetings and shared her information with the team and me for a final decision.

Thushanthy toke on the role of Completer Finisher & Shaper.

Thushante is a diligent, thoughtful and accomplished person on time and was chosen as the assistant, and that is reflected in the fact that Thushanthy has done a great job of capturing the full extent of its work.

In addition, Thushanthe was very active and accepts the challenge of work, so it was important to manage the What’s Up group.

Cyzella is placed in the role of a plant",

She needed to listen to the member`s responses, while using creativity to impose offensive situations, hook questions bear the pressure on the members to present their parts.

Abdul (myself):

I was chosen to lead because of the experience I had about such projects, I understand clearly about what the project is about and where to find the information to achieve the team goals.

The good thing with the teamwork that everyone understand that how to take part and who is doing what, being part of a team can help the project as everyone will contribute something to the project, the group will help each other and listen to each other, share their experience and ideas with each other’s to get a better result.

I as a leader had to contribute more and had to give them the most opinions and find them the related links to get a better result.

As a team, I have given every member of the team to share their ideas and we agreed on everything which made us a good team.

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