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Apple Inc is a multinational technology company",which designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

The founders of Apple companies are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Which was founded on April 1, 1976, this company has a branch company has a key store named Arthur D. Lee, and has 123",000 employees.


Global headquarters for apple inc. Located in silicon valley, having its address on 1-6 infinite loops, cupertino, campus has six buildings with a total area of 850",000 squre feet (79",000 m2) and built by sobrato development has a campus maid in sunnyvale, california, which has a testing and research laboratory. having a second campus in cupartino within 1.6 km to the east, the campus is currently designed by norman foster. the new campus is planned to accommodate 13",000 in a four-story circular building surrounded by green spaces the building has a cafe with a capacity of 3",000 people and an underground parking lot and a parking building, Apple has 500 stores in 22 countries.


According to Steve Jobs, the name of the company came after he was inspired by his visit to the apple orchard while adopting a multi-fruit diet. Judging the apple name was fun, full of enthusiasm, and relaxed.

Initially this logo first featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. Then it was replaced with a rainbow apple made by Rob Janaff, which had a rainbow colored with one bite. This logo was designed with a bite so as not to look like cherries. replace it with black",silver",and gold like at this time. apple has a slogan with the first time "byte into an apple", and then changed to "think defferent", used until now.


Apple makes products such as iPhones and these products use similar Touch ID technology such as fingerprint used on any smartphone, you can simply put a finger on the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone and the sensor will automatically detect your fingerprint. The technology is still used today.

Technology in Touch ID is the most advanced hardware and software technology that we have implemented on any device. The keys are made of sapphire crystal — one of the clearest and hardest ingredients in the world. This button protects the sensor and functions as a lens to precisely focus the sensor on your finger. On the iPhone and iPad, the metal ring around the button detects the finger and tells Touch ID to start reading your fingerprint. This sensor uses advanced capacitive technology to record a portion of high resolution fingerprints from the lower layers of your skin's epidermis. Then, Touch ID intelligently analyzes this information with extraordinary detail and accuracy. Touch ID categorizes your fingerprints according to one of the following three basic types — arch, coil, or circle. This technology also maps individual details in a fingerprint arrangement that are smaller than the human eye's visual capabilities, and even checks for small differences in the direction of the fingerprint arrangement due to the pores and finger edge shape.

Touch ID can read several fingerprints, and can read it from 360 degrees. Then, Touch ID creates a mathematical code from your fingerprint and compares it with the registered fingerprint data to find matches and open your locked device. Only your fingerprint mathematical representative will be saved — not the finger image itself. Touch ID will continue to update registered fingerprint representatives mathematically to improve matching accuracy.


Each fingerprint is unique, so it is very rare, even just a small portion, two fingerprints that are quite similar so that it is considered suitable by Touch ID. Possible occurrence is only 1 in 50",000 for one finger registered. And Touch ID only allows five failed fingerprint matching attempts before you have to enter a password. For comparison, the probability of successfully guessing a 4-digit passcode is 1 in 10",000. Although some codes, such as "1234" may be more predictable, there are no predictable fingerprint patterns.

To start using Touch ID, you must first set a passcode on your iPhone or iPad (or password on Mac).

To improve security, you can choose a long and complicated alphanumeric password. On an iPhone or iPad, tap 'Password Selection' and select Custom Alphanumeric Code.

If your device is lost or stolen, you can prevent Touch ID from being used to open your device with the Lost Mode Find My iPhone. Starting from iPhone and iPad offers additional protection against theft with an Activation Key, which requires an Apple ID and password to deactivate Find My iPhone, delete data, or reactivate the device. If your MacBook Pro with Touch ID is lost or stolen, deleting your Mac remotely will also deactivate Touch ID. This technology is used until now for iPhone smartphone security.


Apple has been involved in a number of legal claims since it began operations. Apple is known to be active and aggressive in working on the interests of its intellectual property.



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