Summer people vs winter people Essay

Why would somebody want to be playing in the freezing, blistering cold, when they could be relaxing on a beach in summer? I have concluded that people who enjoy winter are ruder, and more boring than people who enjoy summer.

Summer people are not just people who do not care about anything, and want to party all the time. They are easygoing, fun people who want to escape the realities of the cold, harsh winter. Summer people know how to have a good time, and enjoy their lives.

Summer people are too happy. They escape the harsh realities of school, and work by relaxing all day. Summer people go on vacation to warm, tropical places and relax by sunbathing on white sandy beaches, with the bright sun rays gleaming down on them, and the sun reflecting across the crystal clear water. They spend all day playing beach volleyball, surfing, and spending quality time with lots of friends and family that they never get to see. They then go snorkeling and scuba diving and see the water filled with bright, wonderful species of fish, and coral, while the sunlight is beaming down on the water revealing the ecosystem of the ocean teeming with life. When the day is over summer people go to sleep filled with happy thoughts, dreaming of what their next adventure will hold. Summer people are not too happy, they are simply the right amount of happy.

Summer people talk too much. Having a conversation with a summer person is sure to leave everyone feeling happy, and lively all day. They want to know every little detail in everyone’s life such as how the family is doing, how the new job is going, or the family pet’s are doing. They will ask for all the kids school pictures, and team sports photos. They will be extremely friendly and supportive towards whoever they are talking too. They will talk on and on forever but that is just how a summer person is.

Summer people are better drivers. People who enjoy summer drive around with their friends, with their music blaring, singing along to it. They are courteous on the road and let people go before them, they always stop at intersections, and always come to a complete stop for three seconds at stop signs. They keep the road safe and make driving more enjoyable. On long road trips, they always pack lots of snacks, and make every second fun even if it is an extremely long drive.

For these reasons and more Summer people are big hearted people who strive to be the best they can be, and more. They always know how to have fun, never having a boring day in their lives. They are always kind to everyone and go out of their way to learn about everyone and help everybody feel loved, and special.

Winter people do not know how to have fun. They sit inside all day with a steaming cup of hot cocoa and read boring magazines about politics, news, and nonsense. They walk outside to get the mail, and are met by a chilling breeze which makes their bones shiver, then they go back inside to go to bed and wake up realizing, the day is over and nothing at all has been accomplished. They live boring lives and do not know how to escape the wrath of the dreaded months of winter.

Winter people are rude. don’t ever try to have a conversation with someone who is a winter person because, the response will be a brusque, rude one. They will discuss all their problem such as how they have too much work to get done, how they have to walk their dogs, how they have too many errands to run, and how they are constantly bored in life. Their negativity will spread around and make everybody feel gloomy and depressed, so having a conversation with a winter person is not highly recommended.

Winter people are extremely violent on the road. Winter people always drive over the speed limit, honk their horn at everyone, and are impatient. If there is a red light they will run it and not care. They always get tickets and have probably caused lots of problems on the roads. They have been involved in many accidents in their driving career and do not mind it.

As all of these points and more show winter people are cold at heart, rude, and boring. They do not strive to help others, they do not care about having fun, and have dull, boring personalities. Even if the snow is glistening in the long cold winter months, winter people only complain, and are rude all month.

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