Solo trip Essay

YOUR FIRST SOLO TRIP I write a lot about solo travel here, and most of the traveling I do now is 100% on my own. It’s the most natural thing to me to go off on a trip by myself; I never hesitate to do something alone. I think I tend to make it sound really easy, like it’s not a big deal. And for me, it’s not a big deal…anymore. But when I think back to my very first solo travel experience, I realize that it was a lot harder for me than I initially remembered. My first solo trip was the trip from Kathmandu to Darjeeling for my brothers wedding. My trip was off to a rough start, most likely from me manifesting nervous energy. First I lost my ferry ticket, got yelled at, found it, and then thought I lost my passport.But it in my side pocket of bag. I had too much caffeine and was wired for four hours from Kathmandu to Mugling. Then, when I got to Mugling. I had two weird experiences with creepy taxi drivers. I was now thinking ahead of every worst-case scenario. It turns out that after these little episodes, everything ended up falling into place and going rather smoothly. It turns out that after these little episodes, everything ended up falling into place and going rather smoothly. I took a taxi from Mugling to Narayangath. Looking at the scenic beauty of hills and flowing Trishuli river was awesome. I made the taxi stop at some places and took the photographs. We headed towards the destination. I paid him. Carrying my own luggage was becoming a burden to me now. I somehow went to a restuarant, ordered the food. The food was eye catchy.It was served in a Brass plate and bowl. Having such thali with fresh made fish from river down there made my day till then. I paid and asked him where can i get the bus. He mapped me the place. I went there and booked a seat to Janakpur. On the journey, I had the feelig of lonliness because i had no one to talk. I saw the roadside and there came many town and village on my way. Since the jorney from Naraynagath to jankpur was of 8 hours, i felt very tired and it was hot, so i was full of sweat when i reached Janakpur. I visited my friend there. I went to Jnaki temple, took some pictures with him, had launch at his place and left for my destination. I had the ticket from Jnakpur to Illam, the east border of Nepal and India. Food of different places were different taste but i was enjoying a lot. I finally reached ti Illam- The tea capital of Nepal. It was already eight in the evening. I wasnt able to see the places there clearly because of the fogg. I was extremely surprised by the weather there. Since I was travelling whole day in sun, but i found something different here. I somehow booked a room and went there. To my expectation, I was wrong. The room was not arranged properly. The bed cover was not done and there were hair of the happy couple there. I asked the manager to clean the room quickly as I was very tired. He asked sorry for the mistake and arranged the room asap. I had my bath and was looking the photos i clicked m=on my journey. There was a ring on the bell outside. I opened the door and there was a card that a writing as free dinner from our side because of the inconvienience I felt. I was very pleased with the gift. I had my dinner and back in my room. I slept and woke up at 5 in the morning. Now was the time to cross the border and reach my final destiation. I took all my stuffs and my passport mainly and kept in a safe pocket. I reached at te border on a taxi that charged me 350 for a short distance of 12 kilometers and was shocked to see the rates they have been charging. I rode off the taxi, went to the custom office with my passport. He asked some questions on why I am going to India and when I will return back. I answered them all and they put the visa on my passport. I again took the taxi and went to the next side of border that was another country India. Darjeeling was also a good place. I got the chance to see the railways and travel in it to my friends house. It was really a vibrant city to travel. My friwnd asked me to wait at a certain station and I was happy to see my friend waving and waiting for me. We finally reached to his place for his brother wedding. So summarizing the journey. the journey lasted for 2 days. I had some great learning on the way and got the chance to taste some tasty foods. I got to see the rails. I got to see the tea garden of Nepal. The last but not the least thing, I alone on my completed the journey to another country. I was able to observe so much more. When I travel as a pair or in a group, there is always constant conversation. It’s either easy-flowing chit-chat with someone I know well, or it’s getting-to-know-you chat with people I have just met. In Austria it was different. Instead of being engrossed in a conversation with someone, I was able to look around me. I observed things. I people-watched. I absorbed every element of the places I was in. In short, I gave my undivided attention to places instead of people. Secondly, i got the feeling of relaxation. There is no need to hurry whether it be be while taking photos and videos or while eating new foods. Getting my own photos became very challenging. If we were with partner, they would have clicked our photos but it was not in my case and frequently asking people tosnap my photos was really emabarassing. This week I was able to be totally selfish, in a good way. I decided what time I woke up, what my plan was for the day and where to eat. If my feet hurt from walking, I just stopped and sat for a while. I followed my nose and allowed myself to get lost. I didn’t have to compromise or try to please anyone else. This felt amazing but I can imagine for someone with a lot of restrictions and responsibilities in their life, it would probably feel even more amazing.

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