Simple and potent tips to keep your family healthy, happy and satisfied Essay

Simple and potent tips to keep your family healthy, happy and satisfied


We, as a woman play a multiple role in our everyday family life. Our spouse and children always expect us to be an ideal in every department – from cookery to laundry including grocery and home cleaning. We are always expected to be an all-rounder. However, even we work round-the clock, healthy living is still a challenge .It’s really tuft to manage everything in one hand and becomes harder for working moms like me .Our founding father Ann Phan realised this and brought a wonderful one stop time-saving solution for us - Naturely Shop. This is an online marketplace especially designed for healthy living. Here we’ve shared some effective tips which help us to keep our family healthy and cheerful.

Section 1:

Picking up right food items to go organic and healthier


Choosing right foods for healthier living seems tiresome and monotonous but it plays a vital role to supply proper nutrients to our family. Little changes in snacks can do a lot to provide proper energy level and nourishing nutrients for your bundle of joy and your better half.

 Simply replace dark chocolate with milk chocolate.

 Next time you visit the pantry to grab a packet of chips, reach for some yummy sweet potato wedges instead; still tasty and will hit your taste buds in all the right ways.

 Finally, opt out some dried fruit and nuts instead of sweets and zero processed junk; we have a variety of organic options on our website.


Changing the essential ingredients, cooking can be done in an easy way to integrate organic eating to you and your family’s diet. Here are some useful tips

 Introduce coconut oil to your diet and say a big no to regular vegetable oils to enjoy a healthier dish, this will help you to keep your cholesterol level controlled. (Extra tip: coconut oil is an awesome organic hair mask and makeup remover).

 Try coconut flour Instead of regular flour.

 Stop sugar in your coffee or tea, start using stevia.

 Pick Himalayan salt (a rich source of good minerals like zinc, magnesium, potassium and many more) and say good-bye to regular salt. You will be able to keep away high blood pressure in this way.

 Next time you cook chicken Schnitzler for the family try chia seeds instead of breadcrumbs.

 You can choose almond or coconut milk instead of regular milk. They are very effective in issues like bloating and many more.

You can check for more tips here:

Link for some mouth-watering recipe substitutions:

Section 2:

Change your household products from chemicals to toxin free ingredients

Suddenly changing our cleaning products may look like an irrelevant and extra task as the chemicals don’t affect our bodies as a crow flies. However, these chemicals can be transmitted through touch and scent and leave dangerous side effects to sensitive, young skin. Here are some safe products to use for daily cleaning

 baking soda",

 lemon juice",

 white vinegar",

 vegetable oil and corn-starch

All of the above can do wonders in terms of erasing ornery strains.

Here are some effective suggestions for all of our DIY queens. The most amazing part about preparing your own cleaning products is you know exactly what is going inside and you are confident that everything is safe for your family. Click on the link for more inspiration.

 Some easy ideas: what to use and how to use for adequate cleaning





- ½ cup of baking soda

- 10 drops of tea tree essential oil

- ¼ cup of vinegar

Pour all ingredients into the bowl of the toilet and scrub away as the mixture fizzles

Tub and Shower

- pure white vinegar

Spray vinegar on surface and let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water


- vinegar

- lemon juice

Pour vinegar into a small cup and add some lemon juice. Put the cup in the microwave and let it run for 2 minutes. Once done leave the door closed for a few minutes. Finally, open the door and just wipe down the sides

Laundry “scenter”

- dried herbs (lavender, peppermint etc)

Make a sachet stuffed with all your dried herbs and toss it in the dryer while its in use

Fabric Softener

- 20-30 drops essential oil

- 1 gallon jug of white vinegar

Add the essential oil to the jug of white vinegar. When using in your laundry add 1/3 cup each time

If you feel DIY is not your cup of tea, no worries! Even I pick up my cleaning products from large variety of organic and green cleaning materials which are available on our website.

Section 3:

Healthy and delicious recipes for kids

We know how tricky it is to make your kids grab their veggie bites. However there are no chances to skip vegetables as they are enriched source of minerals like zinc, potassium, nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E and B complex, folic acid, fibre, anti oxidants. We must have a dish full of veggies like Broccoli, Tomatoes, Garlic , pumpkin etc who are also known as super foods because of their additional benefits. Here’s the key to solve this problem easily. We’ve put together some simple preparation for all of our working mums. Here are some of our favourite lunch box recipes; they can also be replaced with proteins used for last night dinner.

Section 4:

Packing the lunchbox:

It’s an art to pack a lunchbox (the surprise box for your kid) in a proper and arranged manner. We can help you with this also! We have some reusable containers to keep your children satisfied with the attractive design; somehow it works as an appetizer.


We are women, our happiness lies into our partner’s robust living and our children’s satisfactory growth. The more healthy and active they are, the more oxygen we get for our enthusiasm. Of course, to enhance their healthy leaving, we must keep ourselves active and athletic. From this blog, you can easily get the right way to stay fit and go organic. Naturely is always there as your helping hand. Come and join us today. Happy living!

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