Sandy chin: mentors as key to career growth for young professionals Essay

Sandy Chin is a portfolio management expert for over twenty years in New York City. She is currently a portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital. She also adds up the company’s Chief Investment Officer. Tidal Bore Capital is a hedge fund capital that Sandy Chin founded in 2016 to cover consumer staples. She started the company by the help of William Leach, he mentor, with whom she had worked with for 10 years in three companies. Sandy Chin also serves as a mentor in a Non-Governmental organization called StreetSquash that works towards empowering schools and families in Newark and Harlem. She also seeks into empowering young people starting up into the finance career field.

Sandy Chin talking to young professionals on career advise is as simple as Sheryl Sandberg’s, lean in. The young people get a hard time finding a competitive advantage in a new workplace where they lack connections. Sandy Chin recommends that they should be courageous enough to ask for a seat at the table, promotions and a better pay. The other key thing in succeeding in the workplace as a newbie, Sandy Chin recommends mentorship. Mentorship is important is so many reasons.

One, mentors give beneficial teachings. While working with William Leach, Sandy Chin learnt the importance of never turning down a meeting and to always ask questions. Having mentors and dealing with experienced people especially in fields such as finance, will help young professionals to navigate through their career.

The other importance of mentorship is the ability to gather information to advance career in the specific field. Sandy Chin attended various meetings with her mentor enabled her gain the necessary skills, experience and expertise in her field. She mastered the art of picking stocks that has impacted her performance in the investment field.

Mentorship also helps young professionals to start business ventures. This by introducing them to important professional contacts in the industry. Knowing professional people in the career field will help in making strategic decisions and money moves. They also act as a good support system during transition.

Lastly, mentors guide professionals into avoiding the mistakes they made. Mentors are experienced people in a particular field and are well versed with failures and successes. The insights they have gained from their years of practice are new to young professionals and they impact wisdom and experience. Sandy Chin is a beneficially in 1999 where William guided her into buying stocks not being targeted by the company.

Mentors play an important role in positioning the short-term goals of entry level professionals to long term goals. Mentees also grow into mentors in the future maintaining the future of the art and contributing in impacting future generations.

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