Review a recent advancement in it support systems technology Essay

Review a recent advancement in IT support systems technology

Advancements in technology isn’t new as we are constantly updating technology to better its previous version, this could be by minimising bugs or developing something new in an emerging market to further support and systems. There have staggering advancements in support technology from allowing virtual hardware emulation to remote access of machines over great distances, all of these advancements allow for more efficient support. Below I will talk about two advancements in these areas of IT support technology.

Virtual platform – green socks

Green Socks is a company that allows you to model a specific machine whether it be based on any architecture like ARM or x86, then run an early software development project on it, to simulate the performance you would have. They would do this for mobile development and lower spec PC development as they can’t realistically pay for all machines needed, which is where this software helps a lot. This is similar to a virtual machine however instead emulating the OS, it emulates the hardware.

This would benefit the users using this support as they can determine what the lowest specs needed for their application without needing to buy multiple machines, so this is much more cost effective of companies to use rather than building machines or ordering it themselves.

The impact of this would be cutting staff used to build and resource the machines used for testing them, meaning that it would impact their lives due to no main source of income, which could living style and standards for those staffs short term and long term. Another impact of this would be costs saved for the company used for paying labour and for the machines themselves, meaning that the company would save this money thus increasing an overall revenue for them, increasing profit. The implications of this would be beneficial for economic growth for the company and global market. An impact on users would be the automated emulation of machines, meaning that software can be tested on a range of virtual machines efficiently allowing for no time constraints. This also implicates the organisation as their software can be produced and tested much quicker leading to a faster release date in head of competitor allowing for revenue and profit of the product.

Team Viewer – Remote access application

Team Viewer is a company that specialise in remote access technology, there current software is now available for not pc use, but also mobile use as well. Remote access is essentially allowing a third party to take control of your pc from a distance rather using it hands on. This allows users to access their desktop anytime as long their pc is also running team viewer, these can also be accessed via mobile however there isn’t any support yet for mobile desktop access, however maybe in the feature this could be another advancement for them allowing for more range access of systems as mobile hardware is fast becoming a useful tool for workflow in and out of work area.

The benefit of using this software is that, you wouldn’t need constant support on hand all the time when there are software issues and can be used to monitor the systems software from any distance. This would also provide an easier interaction when supporting a client in a problem. Another benefit of this software is the security measures implemented to ensure that no one else can take over the remote access at any given time. This is done by using a VPN (virtual private network) of their making to securely stop any incoming attacks to remotely use machines within the organisation.

The implications of using remote access are that the organisation doesn’t need to have a large in team support, could just out source its support elsewhere. This would lower staff costs as outsourcing is typically cheaper, allowing for a large profit growth benefitting the organisation finically. Another implication of using remote access would ease of support allowing for issues to fixed much more efficiently as users wouldn’t have to do anything and wait for the technician to access the device and fix the issue. This would help increase productivity of users as the fix would be fix quickly, then this would lead to increase financial and morale as users would be waiting and frustrated and can just get on with work, while its being fixed.


To conclude these examples of advancement in IT support systems show how far we come when developing these programs to help further support in certain areas. I feel these come with a lot of benefits, however the implications not only affect the organisation financially, but the employees are affectively being substituted for these advancement making a big social impact in their way of living and how they deal with it.


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