Ramesh gaddam security techniques and mechanism protecting against spam activity Essay

Spamming is all about using electronic messaging systems like emails to send or broadcast unwanted messages to large groups of people. Its all about marketing or promoting a product. The spam generally executed by the spammer by collecting random emails from various websites. When the user accesses any website or chatrooms which they use to communicate commonly. Spammers can get the victim’s email id’s through a virus, they can also sell the victim’s email ids to another spammer. Using spam the organization can overwhelm a large group of people with the ads by promoting their product advantage. For example they can have won the prize and claim the prize by reverting the mail with their personal details that can include the victim’s banking details.There are few spamming techniques and how to protect from the spam activity follows as:Email Spamming: Junk mails that contain irrelevant contents such as marketing ads that are sent to a huge group of people or victims who actually haven't requested for it. Using this technique is the most commonly used technique by the spammers because the cost of it is very low when compared to other techniques. Email spamming can cause viruses and phishing.
  • · Blacklisting the email spam: We can block the spam emails in Gmail using the domain name. when you visit Google, you have to enter google.com I this URL google is the domain name. for example, when we receive multiple spam emails from craigelist.com we can now use the domain name and protect against spam activity.
  • · Network or Service Spamming: In this technique network service is used such as Facebook, youtube, cloud-based services, etc, there is a technique to get more likes and use cookies they can get the personal information of the users.
  • · Protect from Network Spamming: Heavy traffic that would crash your service can be prevented by using an anti-spam technique like clean talk. The clean talk will stop the spam message from entering into ur service beforehand by thorough check on registration messages etc.
  • · Virus: Spammers can use attractive logos or statements that contain a link or document which will ask you to click on it to download. for example: “Make money fast. When the installation happens it will extract the victim’s data and erase it from the database to bring the system on halt mode.
  • · Anti-Virus: we have numerous free anti-virus software to protect your system where you a witch on or off whenever you need it. It is very useful for a group of people who are very careless about the speed of the system that could be affected by accessing different websites that could be a reason fro virus attacks. Anti-Virus software will do the performance checks and virus scans on interval mode to protect the system from the dangerous virus attacks.
  • · Educating the people or employees about the spam activity and how to block the irrelevant messages from the external sources that are not identified plays a very important in security mechanism against spam activity.


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