Public policy Essay

The Road Traffic Act No. 16 of 1996, (Part VI: SS 73-87) specifies duties of Police Officers to control traffic by enforcing the Law through regulating traffics and keep order, temporally diverting traffics and recordings traffic faults, filing reports on accidents and drivers files, power to claim driving license from drivers, power to demand names of the owner of the car, powers to examine vehicles on road and to order examination, power to remove neglected vehicles, power to remove broken down vehicles and powers to remove of vehicles from packing areas (URT, 1996 & Msese, 2015).

In Tanzania, most Police Officers are evidenced working under unfriendly conditions like not wearing mouth and nose masks when controlling traffics whole there are dusts and smock from running vehicles, others are inspecting vehicles without wearing safe attires like helmets and gumboots. Also traffic police officers are threatened by road accidents as their working environments are prone to road accidents. Sometimes they delay to remove broken and abandoned vehicles due to insufficient resources; hence roads are not effectively put safe on time.

7.0 Conclusion

This essay has accessed the influence of street-level bureaucrats on policy formulation and implementation. It identified those public servants who interact with the community on their day today service provisions are termed as street-level bureaucrats. It assessed roles of street-level bureaucrats to interpret rules, allocate scarce resources, distribute benefits, assess compliance to policy, rule, and regulations, impose penalties and excuses, arrest and suspend. It assessed sources of power and revealed professionalism, changing rules and regulations, the distance from controlling authority, the value and trust from the community, the professional language, uniforms and levels and areas of beneficiaries of policy programs Furthermore, is assessed factors that constrain street-level bureaucrats in exercising their discretion as insufficient resources, non-voluntary clients, volunteer conflict or conflicting goals, lack of influence and unavailability of appropriate performance. On the other hand, this essay has pointed three programs in Tanzania where we can determine the influence of street-level bureaucrats such as, Maternal and Child Health Program, the primary school teaching and learning process and The Road Safety Program.

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