Printerest : an online printing system Essay

Printerest : An online printing system

Abhishek Yadav1, Vardhan Reddy2, V. Chanukya3, Swarnalatha P.4

1 UG Student",Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering",VIT",Tamil Nadu",India

2 UG Student",Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering",VIT",Tamil Nadu",India

3 UG Student",Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering",VIT",Tamil Nadu",India

4 Professor, Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering, VIT",Tamil Nadu",India

DOI: 10.29322/IJSRP.X.X.2018.pXXXX


Abstract- Photocopying is the basic requirement but due to the time consuming process and long lines at the photocopy shops ",it causes great inconvenience to people .Our Project saves that precious time by allowing users to give their photocopy order from App only. Users can mention number, type and color of photocopy. Their order will be received by the chosen shop, where the shop-owned can print it and give specific delivery date. Online Printing system will be convenient for users who are in regular need of photocopying ",it saves time and allow user to get preview of their document with the help of Mobile only. Also it is helpful for shop-owners as they can take orders according to their requirements .

Index Terms- Photocopy, Mobile application, Online Print


Printing is very popular and common among students and corporate environment. Therefore we intend to make an Printerest online web-portal system where a user can either order online or an employee can use it like point of sale system where s/he can sell Prints. Employee can also access the company’s database for updating the stock, manage order logs and manage and update employee details, view sale analytics, apply for leave, or send mail offers. Customers can also ask for take away or they can order online for the home delivery. A customer can also give feedback of the Prints after they are registered in the system. Our system also sends emails of the offers and new flavours that we have made. With our system we expect to improve some of features that are in the existing system. This system can help any Printing Shop owners who doesn’t have any computers inside their shop yet. This project introduces you to a website that will allow us to order our prints online. In VIT, especially, students face this line rush just before CAT-II for print outs of notes or books. This is, not only time consuming, but also very tedious.

So, this website will help them from those long queues, Saves time of user, Customers can make personalized documents, It is more economical, Shopkeepers have a platform to be known and Ideal when someone is in sudden need of a printout.

So programming to make this project successful. In making of this project, we could gain more knowledge about the PHP programming and its inter-connection with MySQL database. PHP is a simple and yet powerful object-oriented server-site scripting programming language and it is in many respects similar to C++. It is easy to learn especially when you already have a background in C++ programming. There are lots of ways on how to run a program in Java. There is the Console, Applet, JFrame, etc. In this project, we will focus more in the JFrame and Applet.

This project is entitled “Printerest : An online printing system ”. We made this program to help the cashiers in an Prints parlour to make their work much easier and faster. By just clicking and inputting with the use of the mouse and the keyboard, not only will make the cashiers work faster but also will save a lot of time and make the ordering process much faster than writing orders manually. The researchers also used database for the login of the admins and the users of this program. This means the admins and the users will be needing to make their own account to use this program. Since this is username and password protected, no one can use this except to those employee who already have their own account. Once the proper combination of the two is set, the program will connect to the other GUI which is the menu/ordering proper. The next GUI is the menu proper where the customer will order the things he/she wants. Before that, the program will get first the name, gender, contact number and the address of the customer. Then he/she will now put the data needed and after processing all the purchases, the receipt will be printed in notepad


To develop a website for online printing which is free of cost to use and with interactive user interface.We make a system which is very simple in design and to implement. The system requires very low system resources and the system will work in almost all configurations. It has got following features:

It will ensure data accuracy.

Records will be efficiently maintained by DBMS.

Users privacy will be taken care of


A database is a composed gathering of data.[1] It is the accumulation of constructions, tables, inquiries, reports, sees, and different items. The information are regularly composed to show parts of reality such that bolsters forms requiring data, for example, demonstrating the accessibility of rooms in lodgings such that underpins finding an inn with opportunities. A database the executives framework (DBMS) is a PC programming application that associates with the client, different applications, and the database itself to catch and investigate information. A broadly useful DBMS is intended to permit the definition",[image: ] creation, questioning, update, and organization of databases. Database the executives frameworks are regularly grouped by the database demonstrate that they support; the most mainstream database frameworks since the 1980s have all upheld the social model as spoken to by the SQL language.Sometimes a DBMS is approximately alluded to as a 'database'.

Formally, a "database" alludes to a lot of related information and the manner in which it is sorted out. Access to this information is normally given by a "database the executives framework" (DBMS) comprising of a coordinated arrangement of PC programming that enables clients to communicate with at least one databases and gives access to the majority of the information contained in the database (despite the fact that limitations may exist that limit access to specific information). [6]. As a result of the cozy connection between them, the expression "database" is frequently utilized calmly to allude to both a database and the DBMS used to control it. This is concerned just with databases where the size and utilization prerequisites require utilization of a database the board framework. [3]

DBMS may turn into a mind boggling programming framework and its advancement ordinarily requires a huge number of human long periods of improvement exertion. Some broadly useful DBMSs, for example, Adabas, Oracleand DB2 have been updated since the 1970s[5]. Universally useful DBMSs mean to address the issues of however many applications as would be prudent, which adds to the intricacy. Be that as it may, since their improvement cost can be spread over countless, they are regularly the most practical methodology.[9] Then again, a universally useful DBMS may present superfluous overhead. Accordingly, numerous frameworks utilize an uncommon reason DBMS. A typical model is an email framework that performs huge numbers of the elements of a broadly useful DBMS, for example, the addition and cancellation of messages made out of different things of information or partner messages with a specific email address; yet these capacities are constrained to what is required to deal with email and don't furnish the client with the majority of the usefulness that would be accessible utilizing a universally useful DBMS. Application programming can frequently get to a database for the benefit of end-clients, without uncovering the DBMS interface straightforwardly. Application software engineers may utilize a wire convention straightforwardly, or more probable through an application programming interface. Database creators and database overseers cooperate with the DBMS through committed interfaces to assemble and keep up the applications' databases, and in this way need some more learning and comprehension about how DBMSs work and the DBMSs' outer interfaces and tuning parameters.


We chose Incremental Model to develop our web-application. We are following Incremental Model for our venture.

Incremental Model is a procedure of programming advancement where prerequisites are separated into various independent modules of programming improvement cycle.

Fig 1.

Every cycle goes through the requirements, structure, coding and testing stages. Also, each ensuing arrival of the framework adds capacity to the past discharge until all structured usefulness has been actualized.

The framework is put into generation when the principal augmentation is conveyed. The primary addition is regularly a center item where the essential necessities are tended to, and strengthening highlights are included the following augmentations. When the center item is investigated by the customer, there is plan improvement for the following augmentation.

Following are the reasons to prove why we chose incremental method:-

Our first improvement stage will be finished by CAT-2, after which we can create and add more functionalities to our task as indicated by the customers' reaction and group's recommendations.

At starting dimension a model will be created. As the requirement for the framework increments there will we more up to date demonstrate discharge as indicated by the particular necessity. With the interest we will add greater usefulness to our model which won't just profit the client yet in addition make us to comprehend what client needs.

The prerequisite of the total framework are obviously characterized and comprehended with this model. In any case, a few subtleties can advance with time so steady model is most appropriate for our model 'Web based Printing System'. Concerning our undertaking 'Web based printing framework' in the event that we get more solicitation from the client, at that point explicit functionalities like limits, messenger administration, shading printout and so on can be included. Gradual model fits best with our undertaking as there may be a few prerequisites that can't be known heretofore and subsequently can be incorporated into our venture as per our client's criticism.

In addition, high hazard and speculations are included with this undertaking. So this requires the input of the clients as it exclusively relies upon their cooperation with our undertaking. That is the principle reason we pick gradual model here.

With each discharge our item will be better. It will have more highlights which will satisfy every one of the requirements of the client. As the task is expansive and all the necessity are not know beforehand ",it will advance as indicated by client prerequisites increase that why steady model fits best here.

IV.I Software Requirement


The Easy-Print project will be developed using the REACT JavaScript library. It is known for building User Interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. REACT can be utilized as a base in the advancement of single-page or portable applications. Complex React applications for the most part require the utilization of extra libraries for state the board, steering, and collaboration with an API.

Coding Conventions

The Easy-Print source code implementation will follow html, javascript(REACT), MySQL languages.

Design Patterns

The Easy-Print design will utilise well-known design pattern where possible. Specifically the common design patterns will be used. The Publish/Subscribe and Observer patterns will be used between the Program and External System using web services, as well as for internal consumers of Program.


During the construction of our project we have used most of the concepts that are taught to us from our syllabus. We have tried to develop the best possible site to satisfy the problem statement. We have used the concepts like sessions, cookie, mail functions. Also use of third party APIs like google maps or charts helped this system to be more dynamic and efficient. We tried to meet all the required expectations of the database and specify the access of each user so that data can be managed well and without any compromise in its security. The basic concepts of Database Management are our key aspects to evaluate the structure of the database and any deviation from it would not be entertained.


We would like to acknowledge thanks to our faculty, Prof. Swarnalatha P. , for providing us with the opportunity of preparing this project report for the subject of Software Engineering (CSE3001).

We would also like to thank VIT University Management for providing us an opportunity to carry out this study at the university.


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