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Online business by mobile application 1

Online business by mobile application 6

Why and how should we make our business online

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Executive summary

In the following report I have decided to propose the idea of making a team of 6 to 8 people for developing and managing a mobile application instead of making agreements with a third party vendors , I opted for mobile application because of various reasons

1. Because mobile applications are quicker than websites and tv/ radio.

2. Now a days everyone has got a smart phone so it will be a plus point.

3. Mobile applications are easy in sending notifications to the customer

4. Their icons will be like ads , always present at the screen of the user.

I will discuss the following points in the report

· The required expertise

· Number of employees

· Budget deployment strategies

I have discussed about the language which would be used for developing the platform , the market strategies for promoting the application the employees who would be working with us for the developing of that application , the pros of that application and why online business promotion is better than the traditional business deal .

The hardware which can be used for this and the software strategies and how can we get these software licensed and what is the procedure .

In short every aspect of developing an application for making the business online has been explained on this report .


Mobile application manufacturing requires the building of a system that will be running on a mobile device with the help of a network connection . That is why for developing this system we will require to develop API synchronized data enabler , software bundles which would be installable such as code or binaries and assets and in the end the testing session will also be a prerequisite .

There are two types of device platforms now a days ",the android and the IOs , IOs platform us specifically designed for apple’s devices , but the most functional and effective one specially in east is the android , ass it is used by google and buly many other OEMs . So now the platform we will develop for the mobile application will be “hybrid” it means that we will have to make it by using languages such as JAVA script or HTML or we can also use CSS . After the development of the app we would require a “front end” which would be the inculcated in the device and the back end , the bank end will provide the front end that is the information in the application , these information will be about the products the company has to offer , such as if it has got a new product to launch the back end I will discuss it later in the body.

Goals for developing the application:

It will be used as a marketing tool , that will enhance the interaction of consumer with the product , but we will have to develop such features which would be more advanced than our competitors’ competitors’ applications , such as we can add payment method through master card , this will boost up the ease of the consumer , we can also add some slots for making shopping easier such as filters which will include various categories , for example in filters we can have ranges of the prices , types of instruments and machines , latest and old products etc this also will make their shopping easy, so the customer will be more inclined in using our application , another feature is the discount feature initially for promoting our application we can offer some good discounts for those consumers who would be shopping through our applications .

The customer care section will be the foremost critical one for managing customers , as there would be no sales person so the application will be speaking for itself , in the next pages I will discuss about the features of the application, in the next step we will go for wire framing ",that would be the designing of the Skeleton of the application , this will be done just as a prototype , for deciding how our application will be looking when being used in some mobile devices , for this I would like to recommend a team of 4 members , including an IT expert and a person from marketing and management sciences .

Now after all this we will move towards the actual application development process and the budget for this would be more than $25",000 dollars , which we can easily afford.

Actual process

We are going to build an E commerce mobile application with the slogan of shopping on the go , thus for developing that app first we will look for the best possible way regarding the manufacturing of application so as per the targets we have

1. IOS

2. Android

According to my observation , android users are more than IOS users , and it is more feasible as it is connected to the search engine google that will prove to be the backend server for the application , which we can connect to the website , the type of the application will be “hybrid type” but we have also got the option of “progressive type “which will connect both the websites and the application together and the consumer will be able to use the data even through the URl. , the technologies in both cases would be the languages JAVA or HTML 5 or CSS , such an App will work on a browser embedded, enables to convert its script in native script when necessary.

The core component of the application are the front end and the backend , now our team will develop the front end and for the backend we will have to make our website on google or on some search engine which will work as a storage point or a cloud for the front end, and for their connection we will have to operate APi calls ",this can be done of we approch a advertising company , related to website management which will ask us to sign an agreement , for providing the backend services , if we are going to use HTML 5 then the things we would look before signing a contract will be the data base , file support , user authentication and management ",social API integration, push notifications , but it will be more better if we control our backend , for this we will be using backend , for providing services which are mentioned above , so basically backend is a data storing cloud and for making it we will require some software engineers for doing the following jobs

1. Creating a server

2. Forming data base

3. For the connection between data base and the backend develop a API , this will cost almost between $10",000 to $30",000 ",now after developing this we will go for making the skeleton of the application , and that would require some company policy, like apps with some features , these features will be for the following purposes

· Excellent customization

· Simple signing up procedures

· Software for analytics

· Attractive content

While keeping all these features the application would be designed with a smart eye catching logo or icon , the singing up system should be free of bugs and phishing this will cause a very serious damage if looked over , Now moving on the customer care services for catching the trust of the consumer are the must part of an application and it includes the following the “about us” , contact numbers , helpline numbers and emails , easy logistics and navigation systems , in case if the company have got some branches then the addresses of those branches are quite important.

Employees :

We would need a person with a degree with computer science and IT who will help develop the programs and software for the applications , the associate degree holder and the human resources manager will help us recruit people for content writing , content editing , it must be Search Engine Optimized content , it will help us promote our application in the market , we will also need a person skilled in graphic designing for uploading data and for editing the videos an pictures we would be having of our articles , because we will mot be going for conventional advertisement systems , thus our products should look like the excellent thing in the market, so that is why a skilled and excellent graphic designer would be needed, moreover a good photographer will also be the part of the data collecting team.

Now we would go for licenses, for this we will have to get a permit from the government , that will give us a agreement and list of orders and impose sales tax that would be followed accordingly , next we will have to connect google for Licensing our android application, this will be a simple procedure.

The hard ware we will be using is the 128GB SSD for internal storage , because initially we will not be having that much data so we can rely on this as we will be moving forward so we will try to develop more data clouds through our revenues, moreover the integrated intel graphics will be best for editing pictures and videos of our products.

Promotion of the application:

For promoting the application we will select the method of social media , the social media apps such as Facebook , Instagram , gaming apps or applications that would be relevant to fitness and gyms etc. we can sell a video describing all the content and product descriptions the company has got to sell , another option is advertising through newspapers , the busy community who only gets time to read paper on weekends we can give an ad in them.

Conclusions and recommendations :

In this report , I have emphasized the formation of a mobile application for the promotion of brand , and for getting rid of third vendors , this initiative is good because of the following reasons, along with this we will write blogs about our application and from a market point of view , we would give discounts to our customers who are going to shop through application .

2. The android app , specially in developing countries will be more efficient and effective as compared to the IOS applications, because the consumer in the developing world is more inclined to android mobile phones , thus android applications are more approachable than IOs.

And it is obvious from the graph , thus keep8ng in view the records and data of market , we must opt for android platforms .

[image: ]this graph is taken form the magazine “business insider” .

2. Secondly we are going to make our own backend service , and that is because if the various reasons that are

a. Because we will not be in a need of setting and forming another server , it will work as a server

b. We will not be annoyed by the server downtime , thus it will be an easy application for the consumer

c. Minimum security issues , because all the data will be in our control rather than being threatened with phishing of some other

3. The language we will be using must be java script because it is the most secure langauge which can be used on an HTML frame work, Now for the app marketing , we can follow these steps , this will be reinforced by the AJAx , this will help in fast operating application pages , such as rapidly showing changes made by the user, this will ease the customer , and thus shopping will be fun for them.

4. [image: ]First we will look for the target consumers , and the middle age persons , will be the best for selling exercising equipment , now we will have to make an account at LinkedIn and find out these communities locally x then we can move for writing blogs about our application and the products we are going to sell the blog writing must have keywords such as company’s name , product names , this can be more attractive if we consider a name which is unique but derived from a familiar word , this work would be assigned to some content writer and editor , on the play store we will

5. Online payment and delivery will be a very help full feature , this will help customers and the managing department as well , the analysts can easily approch the daily profit or loss graph , along with this we can handle the customer’s billing and payment data more accurately as we do in the traditional way .

End material

In the end for supporting my take , of not opting for websites and traditional tv advertise , I have the following points

· [image: ]We will not have to sit in our shops paying rent and sales services to our employee for 24/7 services , it will ne a 24/7 service without even opening a shop , if we would go for t.v advertisement and not an online shop , then there would be a risk of only expense and cost , after watching the advertisement no one is going to buy the product at once , but on an online shop it is like a virtual shop and the consumer , will be able to interact directly with the seller , moreover the blogs and the content written and the availability of product woth product information will be available just in one click , now all this could jave been possible on the website , but for the website interaction the consumer would be in need of internet services and for the application usage it can be done offline thus the interaction of the consumer side would be enhanced .

· The global market is approachable through online marketing , than the traditional market.

· The consumers ‘ time will be safe , the customer will not like to interact with you , but most of them would like to look and know about the product you are offering so such a plat form will be most suitable for the modern customer.

· [image: ]There will be no loss of paper or print advertisement, it would be minimized many folds and the amount that we would be saving from this can be invested in hiring some good employees for managing the application or for developing more software for the application.

· interaction with customer will be more safe and without any noise .

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