Nchain enthusiast maxwell to walk his libel suit threat against ver Essay

nChain enthusiast Maxwell to walk his libel suit threat against Ver It is getting truer than never that known anarchist and Bitcoin Cash pundit Roger Ver, also known as ‘Memory Dealers’ could be having uneasy times in the court anytime soon as one of his infamous victims could be dragging him in a legal tussle for defamation of character. Gregory Maxwell, co-founder and erstwhile CTO of the popular Blockstream Bitcoin Core (BTC) foundation, has had to endure some unpleasant moments with Ver’s antics on Reddit in the last couple of months. But the last is likely to be heard of the Ver’s series of libels hurled at Maxwell. Maxwell has previously threatened to sue the Reddit enthusiasts but had not actually made any move to actualize his numerous threats which have been on for a couple of weeks. In a series of Reddit post recently, Ver had accused Maxwell of being ‘involved with the hacking and vote manipulation false flag ‘attack’” on the subreddit /r/Bitcoin. In that post, Ver resorted to a direct name-calling, in which he called Maxwell “a crook.” But Maxwell who is fully ready not to take any accusations from Ver with a light heart is ready to go the whole hog to walk his talks. He has sent a reply via a similar platform in which he reiterated his commitment not to take Ver’s antics lying down. In his words, Maxwell is quoted to have said: “As I previously warned, if you or your staff continued to post untruthful malicious defamation about me I would take legal action against you and your companies. “I see you have again posted an outrageously untrue claim that I engaged in unlawful and unethical behaviour, relying on your privileged position as moderator of the subreddit to fraudulently convince others of the truthfulness of these untrue claims. “You should retain all records, communications related to myself and these claims with your staff and any other parties, as if you destroy them it will work against your interest in discovery. “I regret that [it] has come to this, but your continued violence against me offers me no alternative.” The feud between Ver and Maxwell may not be unconnected with the raging hash war pitting Ver-favoured Bitcoin Cash network and Maxwell-aided Bitcoin Chain Satoshi vision (SV). It would be recalled that there has been a frosty relationship between Craig Wright-founded Bitcoin Chain SV and Jihan Wu-funded Bitcoin Cash network after the split. Consequently, Ver became a pundit and promoter of the Bitcoin cash network with Maxwell staying on the other side of the divide. In fact, Maxwell who felt disappointed about the near domineering power of Ver’s Bitcoin Cash network and how the network has almost crippled digital currency’s future is collaborating with Wright and nChain. But the backlash of that saw Ver attacking Maxwell but the latter has taken legal action against Ver and it is only matter of days to see how events unfold between the two and the case at hand.

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