Most Important Themes in Great Gatsby, Analyzed Essay

Have to write about a theme for an excellent Gatsby assignment or simply interested in just what a layout is? Not sure where to start? Discover right here what a style is, exactly what the key themes in Great Gatsby are, and just what the best tips for writing about themes for the English/Language Arts class essays are.

We are going to additionally connect to our specific articles for each theme in order to learn much more in-depth about themes central to Gatsby.

What exactly is a layout? Why wouldn't you Care?

First things first: what exactly is a theme? In literature, a style is a central topic a book deals with. This central topic is revealed through plot activities, those things and dialogue associated with figures, as well as the narrator’s tone. Themes can be extremely broad, like love, money, or death, or maybe more particular, like individuals versus technology, racial discrimination, or the American Dream.

Simply speaking,a book’s theme can usually answer comprehensively the question, “what’s the point with this book?”. They’re the “so just what?” of literary analysis. Also, observe that books can definitely have more than one major theme – in Gatsby we identify seven!

Once you understand a book’s major theme(s) is essential to composing essays, because so many projects want you to link your argument to a book’s theme. Like, you could be asked to create an essay about a prompt such as this: “How exactly does the life span of Jay Gatsby exemplify (or deconstruct) the thought of the American Dream?” This prompt has you link particular details in Jay Gatsby’s life on larger theme for the American Dream. This is the reason many teachers love theme essays: simply because they encourage one to connect small details to big ideas!

Furthermore, the AP English Literature test constantly has an essay concern with you evaluate some aspect of a guide and “compare it towards theme associated with are a whole.” (if you like certain examples it is possible to access the final 15 years of AP English Literature free reaction questions here, utilizing your university Board account.) Which means this ability won’t simply help you in your English classes, it will likewise allow you to pass the AP English Literature test if you’re taking it!

Therefore keep reading to learn about the main themes in Gatsby and exactly how they're revealed inside guide, and to get links to your in-depth articles about each theme.

Overview of Key Themes in Great Gatsby

Before we introduce our seven primary themes, we’ll briefly explain the way the tale and characters suggest the major Great Gatsby themes. Understand that the story is set in the 1920s, an interval when America’s economy ended up being booming, and happens in nyc: especially the wealthy longer Island towns of western Egg and East Egg, plus Manhattan and Queens.

While you should be aware of through the guide (take a look at our summary if you’re nevertheless hazy on the details!), the fantastic Gatsbytells the tale of James Gatz, an unhealthy farm boy who manages to reinvent himself whilst the fabulously rich Jay Gatsby, simply to be killed after an effort to win over their old love Daisy Buchanan. Daisy is hitched to Tom Buchanan, and they’re both from old money, causing them to look down Gatsby’s newly rich audience (and for Tom to look straight down at Gatsby himself).

At the same time, Tom is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson, the spouse of mechanic George Wilson. Through Wilsons, we come across the struggles associated with the working class in dismal Queens, NY. Just as if they didn’t already have it hard enough, Myrtle is killed in a hit-and-run accident (caused by Daisy Buchanan), and George, who’s manipulated by Tom to think that Jay Gatsby was both his wife’s fan and the woman murderer, eventually ends up shooting Gatsby and then himself.

Your whole tale is told by Nick Carraway, another relative of Daisy’s and classmate of Tom’s who moves in close to Gatsby’s mansion and in the end befriends Jay — after which involves profoundly appreciate him, despite or maybe due to Jay’s fervent need to duplicate their past with Daisy. The tragic string of events at the novel’s climax, combined with the undeniable fact that both Buchanans can quickly retreat through the damage they caused, causes Nick to become disillusioned with life in ny and retreat back once again to their hometown into the Midwest.

Regardless of having an extremely unhappy ending, the novel may indeed destroy swimming pools available as well.

The fact the major figures result from three distinct course backgrounds (working class, newly rich, and old money) shows that course is a significant theme. Nevertheless the rampant materialism plus the sheer amount of cash spent by Gatsby himself is a massive issue and its theme. Related to money and course, the fact that both Gatsby and the Wilsons make an effort to enhance their positions in US culture, only to find yourself dead, additionally implies that the American Dream — and specifically its hollowness — is a vital theme inside guide and.

But there are some other themes at play here, too. Every major character is involved in a minumum of one connection, revealing that they're all driven by love, intercourse, and desire — a major theme. Additionally, the rampant bad behavior (criminal activity, cheating, and finally murder) and lack of real justice makes ethics and morality a vital theme. Death also looms large over the novel’s plot, alongside the danger of failure.

And lastly, a strong undercurrent to all or any of these themes is identification itself: can James Gatz actually become Jay Gatsby, or had been he doomed right away? Can somebody who isn't from old cash ever merge with that audience? Could Gatsby really aspire to duplicate his past with Daisy, or is that past self gone forever?

In a nutshell, just by taking a look at the novel's plot, figures, and ending, we could currently get a very good feeling of Gatsby's major themes. Let us now look at each of those themes one after the other (and make certain to check out backlinks to your complete theme breakdowns!).

The 7 Major Great Gatsby Themes

Money and Materialism: every person in the novel is money-obsessed, whether or not they had been born with cash (Tom, Daisy, Jordan, and Nick to an inferior extent), whether or not they made a lot of money (Gatsby), or whether they’re hopeful for more (Myrtle and George). So just why would be the figures so materialistic? How can their materialism affect their alternatives? Get helpful information every single for the characters’ material motivations and how they shape the novel.

Community and Class: Building on the cash and materialism theme, the novel draws clear distinctions between the types of cash you've got: old money (inherited) or new money (received). And there's also a clear difference between the lifestyles associated with the wealthy, who survive longer Island and commute freely to Manhattan, therefore the working class individuals stuck in between, mired in Queens. By the end of novel, our primary characters who're maybe not old money (Gatsby, Myrtle, and George) are all dead, as the inherited-money club is still alive. What performs this state about class in Gatsby? Why is their culture so rigidly classist? Find out about the different social classes in Gatsby and exactly how they affect the novel’s outcome.

The United states Dream: The United states Dream may be the concept everyone can make it in the usa (age.g. gain popularity, fortune, and success) through enough perseverance and dedication. So is Jay Gatsby a typical example of the dream? Or does their participation in crime recommend the Dream isn’t actually real? And in which performs this leave the Wilsons, that additionally desperate to improve their great deal in life but don’t ensure it is out of the novel alive?Finally, perform some closing pages regarding the novel endorse the United states Dream or write it well as a fantasy? Learn what the American Dream is and exactly how the novel often believes inside it, and quite often sees it as a reckless fantasy.

Love, Desire, and Relationships: all the major figures are driven by love, desire, or both, but only Tom and Daisy’s wedding lasts out from the novel’s five major relationships and affairs. Therefore is love an inherently unstable force? Or perform some figures simply experience it within the wrong way? Get an in-depth guide to each of Gatsby’s major relationships.

Death and Failure: Nick narrates Gatsby two years following the occasions under consideration, and since he’s demonstrably alert to the tragedy awaiting not only Gatsby but Myrtle and George also, the novel has a sad, reflective, also mournful tone. May be the novel saying that ambition is inherently dangerous (especially in a classist culture like 1920s America), or is it more concerned with the risk of Gatsby’s intense want to reclaim the past? Explore those concerns here.

Morality and Ethics: The novel is filled with bad behavior: lying, cheating, physical punishment, crime, and finally murder. Yet none regarding the figures ever reply to the law, and God is just mentioned as an exclamation, or shortly projected onto an advertisement. Does the novel push the should fix this not enough morality, or does it accept it while the normal situation inside “wild, wild East”?

The Mutability of Identity: Mutability just means “subject to alter,” and this theme is mostly about exactly how changeable (or perhaps not!) personal identification is. Do individuals actually alter? Or are our previous selves always with us? And exactly how would this shape our need to reclaim areas of our past? Gatsby desires to contain it both means: to alter himself from James Gatz in to the sophisticated, rich Jay Gatsby, and to protect their past with Daisy. Does he fail because it’s impossible to alter? Because it’s impractical to duplicate days gone by? Or both?

How to come up with The Great Gatsby Themes

So now that you know towards major themes for the Great Gatsby, how can you go about writing about them? First up: look closely at your prompt.

Sometimes an essay prompt comes right away and have you to write on a theme, including “is The United states Dream in Gatsby alive or dead?” or “Write about the relationships in Gatsby. What's the novel saying in regards to the nature of love and desire?” For everyone essays, you are going to obviously be currently talking about one of the novel’s major themes. But despite the fact that those prompts have big-picture questions, always find tiny supporting details to help with making your argument.

In the same way a tree would look actually ridiculous if it was just a trunk without branches and leaves, your essay will not be that great without smaller details to guide the larger argument concerning the theme.

As an example, if you’re speaking about the American Dream and arguing it’s dead into the novel, don’t simply make that claim and stay done with it. Alternatively, you can explore Gatsby’s past as James Gatz, George Wilson’s exhausted complacency, and Myrtle’s therapy as a result of Tom as types of how the American fantasy is treated inside novel. Demonstrably those examples are not even close to exhaustive, but ideally you get the concept: find smaller details to guide the larger argument.

Alternatively, many essay prompts about Gatsby will look like a question about one thing certain, like a character or icon:

  • Explore Tom and Daisy as individuals who ‘retreat to their money.'
  • What does the green light which shines at the end of Daisy’s dock express? So how exactly does its meaning modification throughout the novel?
  • Show just how Fitzgerald utilizes clothes (and the changing of costumes) to tell the reader more towards characters and/or show theme(s).

These prompts are in fact an opportunity to help you take that step-by-step analysis and connect it to one for the larger themes – simply put, although the prompt doesn’t state it explicitly, you ought to remain connecting those more focused topics to one regarding the big-picture themes.

For example, in the event that you talk about Tom and Daisy Buchanan, you'll wind up talking about society and course. In the event that you speak about the green light, you will end up talking about aspirations and objectives, particularly the US Dream. And in case you discuss clothing to generally share the figures, you'll touch on cash and materialism, as well as society and course (like how Gatsby’s pink suit makes him get noticed as new cash to Tom Buchanan, or just how Myrtle adopts a unique gown to play at being wealthy and sophisticated).

Simply speaking, for these more particular prompts, you start from ground (small details and findings) and develop to speaking about the larger themes, even if the prompt doesn’t say to achieve this explicitly!

What’s Next?

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