Medical ethics Essay

Medical etiquette be explained as the rule of conduct or manner that has the ability of opening ways for developing mutual understanding between patients and doctors. Honourable men need not be worried about law, as they inherently know what is wrong or right. They are found to be naturally considerate of the feelings harboured by not only their patients but also by their colleagues (Tenery, 2016). This researcher believed some physicians do find it difficult in applying such principles to their profession. He had undertaken many works through his state societies as well as county and he had stated an opinion that can help physicians who are not aware of the correct medical etiquette. This formula comprises of mainly three measuring rods that can be applied to any of the ethical problems that professionals might face. First, one is the measure of intent that should determine whether the practice could be beneficial to the patient or that of the public or the physician or the profession. In such cases, local customs as well as community ideals need to be taken in consideration during application of the ethical precepts to different particular fact situations. The third one is the measurement of the golden rule. The professionals always need to ask what treatment would be expected if the positions were found to be reversed (Tenery, 2016). It is to be remembered that medical ethics do not change. However, it is true that interpretation and the ways the principles are applied might vary as the social environment gets modified; still the ethical principles that form the basic remains the same. One of a specific example that had been put forward by the researcher is the rule that governs the referrals or the consultations that had not changed but certain doctors are seen not to welcome the opinion of that of another professional or even the best interest of the patient. The researcher further adds that issues taking place between physicians resulting from referrals of patients unusually stem from faulty or that of inadequate or incomplete communication. He opines that one of the common mistakes made by the young physicians is that they do not want to take criticism as well as the methods of the older physicians. It has been found that no amount of scientific apparatus can help in successfully replacing the judgement as well as the intuition coming from years of experienced while caring for the sick (Tenery, 2016).

The second article has opined that the evolution of surgery had seen progress in the last twenty-five years. The benefits that are associated with anaesthesia are that it had made surgery much easier and less suffering to that of the humans. After the establishment of the perfect aseptic technique, it was found that the acme of the surgical effort had been already reached. Further, with the light of the discoveries that are coming to us on a daily note, one can conclude that greater achievements that were dreamt of are not further (The Ethics of Surgery, 2018). The article is also seen to describe that one needs to be thankful of the benefits that the future surgery will result and help in the advancement of the standards of the qualification of the surgeon. Although surgery had become advanced, the need of a surgeon has not achieved that mark. Incompetent as well as ill-trained men perform many surgeries. It has been also found that the spirit of graft had has towered the standards as well as the moral ethics of the profession. When the concept of splitting of fess as well as the paying of commissions started to be heard, it seemed to sound so wrong and dishonest that it was thought that the system would soon die out. It was also believed that is should be at least confined to those few individuals in whom the inherited commercial instinct was so strong that they could not get away from them. However, it was not found to die but rather it had flourished and grown as well (The Ethics of Surgery, 2018). The article stated two ways by which it might have happened. Firstly, economic as well as social change had taken place and that wealth had influenced medical profession irrespective of right or wrong had been adopted as a measure of self-protection. Secondly, another reason is the establishment of the low-grade stock company medical schools. It is important that enough men of character enter the field from better schools for ensuring upholding of lofty ideas that have characterised the profession in the past and this is important for continued progress. This article also advises the moral standards that are set for the professional men, women would be going higher in the future, and with the limelight focusing on the opinions of public in the different cases of surgical and medical corruption, the evils would cease to exist. However, I still disagree, as the big pharmaceutical companies would continue in spending millions of dollars each year by paying out top dollars to doctors in different forms like research grants, education grants, consulting fees, speaker fees, gifts and free meals.

Ethics are believed to be founded on basis of wrong or right in terms of behaviours and even in benefits to society, fairness, obligations and even specific virtues. Being ethical gradually seems different as following the law and just being ethical is not as same as doing exactly what the society accepts (Gillan and Pickerill, 2012). Medical ethics are found to be important in both the articles and they should be always practiced but although knowing the system being corrupted, no one is trying to change them. Doctors need to infuse trust and they have the responsibility for protecting health of patient but bid pharmaceutical companies are paying doctors huge sums and as a result, they have stopped being ethical. Laws and codes of ethics are seen to present that restricts gifts to everyone like journalists, police, civil servants, teachers etc but no such rules are seen to be present for doctors other than disclosures. It is therefore opined that the list of financial Conflict of Interest (COI) can become ridiculous as it is tacitly encouraged (Fung, 2017).

From the entire discussion, it can be concluded that ethics is in its own position, but it is up to the processional to follow it when no one is watching. Medical ethics are thereby referred to as the moral and the practical standards that healthcare professionals need to follow. The main motives of the medical ethics are ensuring that patients receive best care services. Strong ethics need to be enforced in different policies and standards across the hospital, medical center, universities, etc and each of the professionals needs to be held accountable for their actions of any are breached.

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