How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay (in 5 Easy Steps)

Exactly how did we get here? Exactly how did this take place? Just what made every thing so you is there reading this and now we are here anticipating our next line?

Put another way, what was the cause of all of this?

If you are writing an underlying cause and effect essay, they are the kinds of questions you may encounter.

It may look like a lot to bite off, however if you take one step right back and try to follow a macro viewpoint before establishing to the micro, you’ll have a better chance of making feeling of it all.

In this essay, we’ll examine the cause and effect essay and share our applying for grants how you can make yours great!

What exactly is a reason and Effect Essay / Definition

A cause and effect essay is an essay in which a claim is made regarding an underlying cause which includes a discernible effect, outcome or impact that can be traced back again to the original action.

The essay outlines or shows how the cause results in the end result and supports the claim with research.

The essay can also be compiled by taking a subject—such as the Vietnam War—and distinguishing what caused it and just what its effects had been.

You’re basically taking a look at a number of actions and responses and wanting to make sense of these.

Establish a logical description for how the actions and responses fit together—and you’ll have a great essay ready to go!

Cause and Effect Essay Outline

The essay has to start with an introduction that includes a thesis statement.

A thesis declaration is a sentence that defines the key point of the essay.

If you’re authoring the opioid crisis in U.S., you'll desire to determine the cause therefore the effectation of the crisis within thesis declaration.

The thesis statement should come at the conclusion of introductory paragraph.

Initial the main paragraph should lead into the thesis giving some history home elevators the niche.

Therefore if, for example, your subject had been the opioid epidemic, you may begin your intro by leading with a statistic, such as for example: almost 100 people die each and every day in U.S. as a result of opioids (Rudd et al., 2016).

Keep in mind: whenever you offer information that is not well known by people, be sure to cite the details.

To find out more on how to cite sources, discover our citation guides.

Your lead-in would be accompanied by more background info on the topic while you build your case for the thesis, which will close down your opening paragraph and provide your reader clear and concise way on where in fact the paper is headed.

Let’s examine just how it all works in a few information.

Elements of the Essay

First let’s glance at the parts of a reason and effect essay.

We’ve already described the Introduction for you.

So what follows?

What follows could be the Body of the essay.

Your body is in which you flesh out your essay by providing supporting proof and arguments that assistance your paper to help make its primary point—i.e., your thesis.

Each paragraph of the Body should be dedicated to an individual subject that supports the primary concept or intent regarding the essay.

In this situation, it could either expand regarding the cause(s) associated with subject or explain the effect(s) regarding the subject.

The minimum standard the Body is three paragraphs.

But if you are writing a more step-by-step paper, the human body will more than likely be much longer.

The Conclusion sums up the paper.

It comes at the end and may be one paragraph that concisely restates the key points or arguments of the essay together with main indisputable fact that the essay has designed to show or show.

Steps to composing an underlying cause and Effect Essay

Step 1

The first step should choose a fantastic cause and impact essay topic.

An excellent subject because of this type of essay is going to be one that has a great history to it or which at center of a sequence of activities.

Wars are generally great topics because every war has a reason and an impact.

Search for topics that have a string of activities to them—a kick off point and an end point.

Personal motions are good topics aswell.

The Civil Rights motion, or the Women’s motion, and/or Protestant Reformation, and/or Bolshevik Revolution—all of these have factors and results that can be investigated and explained in a five paragraph essay.


When you identify your subject, begin to research it.

You can visit Wikipedia, for instance, to build up a basic knowledge of the subject—but you will want to expand pursuit beyond Wikipedia so that you can compose a good essay.

Most teachers wish to note that you have acquired product on your own from:

  • publications,
  • websites,
  • journals,
  • films,
  • archives and
  • scholarly articles.

If you'll gather sources from a multitude of places, your essay will be more authoritative than in the event that you based your entire research for a passing fancy source.

Be truthful and have questions about your subject—and then attempt to answer them by seeking answers inside sources open to you.

The greater questions you ask, a lot more likely your quest is to repay.

Make note of records to enable you to connect the dots between factors and outcomes as you go along.

Basically you ought to be able to build a historical schedule of events that illustrates the cause and effect of your subject within confirmed duration.


Write as you get.

Don’t wait until you’ve “done all the research” to start writing.

Writing when you research allows you to put some ideas together and process what you are actually uncovering about your subject.

Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect—it’s more about exercising your abilities at this point.

The concept should begin placing terms on paper to be able to see just what you have.

The greater information you obtain, the harder it is for you to really start creating your essay once you have a hill of data prior to you: you’re prone to feel overrun.

Don’t worry if you discover information afterwards that contradicts just what you’ve already written!

That’s the purpose: you can always return back and revise.

In fact, modification makes your writing that much stronger.

Step Four

Write your outline.

It could seem counter-intuitive to generate an overview after you’ve currently started composing.

It’s in fact a very helpful exercise, however, since it enables you to just take everything have actually, organize it, and purchase it better.

Think about your initial writing as a rough, rough draft.

It's a means to help you familiarize yourself with the topic.

As you wind down your research and response your entire concerns, begin contemplating just what how to introduce your subject would be.

Come up with a hook—a bit of information that will shock your reader and attract the reader’s interest—which you should use to start off your paper.

A startling figure does the trick, or a piece of trivia regarding the topic that one can tie into your thesis works.

Make use of this hook to start off your outline, then identify your thesis—the main point which you will prove inside writing; next, sketch out the direction that the Body will require: show the way you prove your thesis by giving supporting details.

Round out the outline with a Summary and re-cap everything paper shows.

This can act as a good road map for you personally while you return to create your rough draft.

Your earlier rough, rough draft helps because it enables you to see what works and exactly what doesn’t, what exactly is important to your primary concept and what exactly is maybe not.

The rough, rough draft will help you to construct outstanding outline—and that outline consequently will help you to build an excellent very first draft.

Action 5

Write the rough (or first) draft by following outline you simply created.

If areas of your rough, rough draft work for the purposes of one's outline, just plug them in and get.

Once you complete creating your rough draft, return and edit it to ensure that it has cohesion, consistency, flow, no sentence structure or logic errors, and remains dedicated to most of your idea.

Make sure you utilize change words and phrases where appropriate.

The essential Structure

When you go to prepare your outline, keep this fundamental framework at heart:

I. Introduction

a. Hook

i. A fascinating reality or anecdote that catches the reader’s attention

ii. A tidbit of data or stat that relates to the primary notion of your paper

b. Background information

i. Fills in the blanks for the audience

ii. Provides context for the topic

C. Thesis

i. Your primary idea

ii. Tell exactly how your essay will explain the cause/effect of one's subject

II. Body

a. 1st supporting paragraph

i. Examine the cause(s)

ii. Offer in-text citations as guide points to back up your claims

iii. Explain the way the concept discussed inside paragraph relates to your primary concept

iv. Near out of the paragraph by transitioning to your next concept inside after paragraph

b. 2nd supporting paragraph

i. Examine the effect(s)

ii. Offer in-text citations as guide points to back up your claims

iii. Explain the way the idea talked about within paragraph relates to your main concept

iv. Near out the paragraph by transitioning to your next idea into the following paragraph

c. third supporting paragraph

i. Examine cause(s) and effect(s) together, showing just how there clearly was logical progression involving the two

ii. Show how the topic needs to be recognized in this light and what is gained from evaluating it in this way

III. Conclusion

a. Re-cap the key points

b. Re-state the main concept


Some possible topics for an excellent cause and effect essay are, because had been noted, frequently rooted in some large social or geopolitical event.

Such occasions have many moving parts and generally are great subjects for scientists seeking to explain exactly how x, y and z all fit together.

Let’s view a couple of examples to discover why they'd make good subjects for the essay

Once more, we now have a great list of other cause and effect essay subjects it is possible to please feel free to peruse as well!

Social Motions and Geopolitical Activities:

  • The Women’s motion
    • Women’s liberation from patriarchal oppression was a hot subject in the second half the 20th century—and it still is somewhat today. Just what events fueled its increase, who assisted to build up and market it, and how achieved it all turn out? There’s plenty of information right here you can mine to examine both society at large together with smaller social organization known as the family—i.e., the building block of society
  • The Civil Rights Movement
    • One of the very celebrated leaders of the movement—MLK, Jr.—was assassinated. Racial tensions continue to exist. Equal legal rights might have been granted—but the thought of equality remains contended. Just what exactly caused this motion, and exactly what were the short-term and long-lasting effects?
  • The American Anti-Imperialist League
    • The anti-Imperialists had been horrified within looked at an American Empire sprawling across the globe. That has been 100 years back. (just what would they think now?) Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, and William James were just a few of its notable users. Describe the explanation for the increase of this League and exactly what impact (if any) they really had on events.
  • The French Revolution
    • The enshrinement of explanation had not been supposed to cause a total blood-letting and Age of Terror—and yet which just what took place in France during this period. Why and How? Look into it: the subject produces fascinating reading for just about any pupil of history.
  • The Bolshevik Revolution
    • The Tsar fell, as well as the Soviet State rose. Tensions couldn't end, but. Discuss the cause and effect of this Revolution, how it just happened and impacted Russia, and what disputes inevitably emerged across Europe because of it.
  • The Industrial Revolution
    • This age changed the entire world and introduced machine energy at a rate no time before seen. Just how made it happen come about? Exactly what forces prompted its delivery? And how did life change as a result—economically, politically, socially, and also spiritually? There’s a great deal to sink your teeth into with a subject like this—so go big—or small (whatever you’re confident with).
  • The Spanish-American War
    • A great period to research about causes and results. “Remember the Maine!” had been the cry that set things in movement. Why? And just what occurred thus? That’s prime fodder for a solid essay.
  • The Protestant Reformation
    • Zwingli, Luther, Calvin, Knox and many more acted as catalysts of this Protestant revolt. Wars used, excommunications had been delivered, and countries were changed forever. It’s a good topic for one enthusiastic about examining the reasons and ramifications of probably one of the most critical moments in Western history.
  • The Counter-Reformation
    • The origin with this subject is pretty clear: the Roman Catholic Church needed seriously to move back up against the Protestant movement sweeping across European countries. What impact did this counter-punch have actually on society—in the arts, in politics, and in religion?
  • The Fall of this Roman Empire
    • It is not any secret why the Roman Empire dropped; nor is it a mystery by what occurred next. Examine the details, the data, the reality together with tales and put them together to write a neat essay that describes the main cause and effect of nov Rome.
  • Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism or Christianity
    • Religions, their origins and their results on society are excellent places to start when contemplating topics for an underlying cause and effect essay. You can try early religious leaders, founders, social factors and governmental activities that helped shape results besides about your religion of preference.

Modern Events:

  • Worldwide Warming/Climate Change
    • Climate change is a subject that gets talked about a lot—especially when six hurricanes begin barreling around in Gulf/Atlantic threatening U.S. shores. Can it be for real—or can it be area of the “shock doctrine” as Naomi Klein argues?
  • Economic Crisis of 2008
    • They’ve made films about it, written publications onto it, and extrapolated all manner of information: if you wanted to write a good cause and effect essay on the housing bubble that triggered the 2008 global economic crisis, you’ll have actually many material to select from.
  • The Trump Presidency (aka Exactly What Occurred by H. R. Clinton)
    • Populism? Nationalism? Social Media Marketing? Journalism? Russian meddling? Just how made it happen happen—and, more importantly, just what will it suggest for America and also for the globe?
  • The Toppling regarding the Hussein Regime in Iraq
    • The increase and autumn associated with Iraqi dictator might be an excellent subject for a reason and effect essay, when the idea of American foreign policy is included to the mix.
  • The Increase of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin: The Cryptocurrencies
    • With unconventional financial policy ripping across economies around the globe, crypto has had down. Speculative bubble? Or sign of impending doom for regional currencies? Research and decide!
  • Easy Credit and Low Interest
    • Historically low interest and historically effortless credit: two factors which have clear origins and even better consequences in accordance with some.
  • The Price of Oil
    • The price of oil effects economies all over the world. Petroleum is used in a lot of items, and thus numerous countries are based upon it (either for imports or exports) that the market value of crude make or break nations. What can cause the cost to go up or down and what goes on then?
  • Underfunded Pensions
    • States throughout the U.S. are beginning to understand your money simply isn’t here and won’t ever be here. Kentucky is amongst the latest to appear the alarm—but several other people have previously done as much. What has triggered such shortfall in retirement funds? And just what does it mean for retirees?
  • Amazon as well as the Retail area Collapse
    • Toys ‘R’ Us simply announced its bankruptcy—which means Amazon’s takeover of the retail industry has simply tallied another victim. Exactly how did Amazon get to be so big so quickly, and exactly what does it mean for the means company is conducted within the U.S. and around the globe? Gets the Web giant really killed the offline store?
  • War Games
    • Whether it really is Trump calling Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” at the UN or Haley blasting Iran; China and Russia calling for a diplomatic solution, or Netanyahu demanding more war in the centre East—it appears like there clearly was never any end on thirst to get more intervention, more bombs, more bullets, and more shoes on a lawn. What's the reason for all this tension, hysteria and military pursuit? And what happens to be the outcome, time and time again?


The cause and effect essay is about picking a good subject with some ins and outs.

Stick to the threads to origins and follow them to outcomes.

Identify the key some ideas that assist explain the subject from this viewpoint and develop a good outline which will allow you to steer the essay to conclusion.

The 5 primary actions to composing a fruitful cause/effect essay are:

  • Choose outstanding topic
  • Research it
  • Write as you go
  • Compose an outline
  • Draft and revise your essay

We’ve given you many great possible subjects to experience on your own and even provided a few guidelines on how to follow through for each step.

Then when pay a visit to write your essay, just remember to be as thorough as possible, provide significant evidence to backup your claim, guide and cite your sources accordingly, and revise, revise, revise!

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