How to change your body and increase vitality Essay

There’s no fast-acting trick to help you lose weight.

There’s no magical diet or workout trend that will help you get the body you want. Buzzworthy fitness plans might help you to lose some weight quickly, but those are short-term fixes at best. You won’t keep it off in the long run.

Achieving peak physical fitness is the result of adhering to a sensible diet and exercise routine – that is, lasting weight loss occurs when you change your lifestyle. Adapting your life to better fit your health and fitness needs takes time, but once you commit to these healthy weight loss tips, you’ll not only lose weight, but become more energetic, too.

Change your mindset about eating

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There are so many reasons to eat. You eat because you enjoy the taste of food. You eat out of boredom. You eat during social events. But what if you shifted your mindset to view food for what it really is – fuel for your body? If you view food as a healing source of nutrition, instead of a way to pass time, you’ll begin to only eat when you really need to.

Failed diets may have led you to associate food with feelings of guilt and shame. When you sense this happening, put a stop to it. You’re not alone: Everyone makes mistakes on their health journey. If you eat late at night or enjoy an indulgent meal once in a while, don’t punish yourself for it. Instead, acknowledge the mistake and make a plan to do better tomorrow. There’s no point in holding in feelings of shame and self-hatred.

Look at what you’re putting into your body

The best weight loss tips are the ones that help you create a healthier body in a sustainable way. You should avoid these four poisons to not only lose weight, but to feel a greater sense of vitality:

1. Processed fats

Many foods in the American diet are loaded with processed fats. If you’re purchasing pre-made food, avoid items that contain too much saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and trans fatty acids in their nutritional information. Regularly consuming foods high in processed fats can result in high blood pressure, decreased digestive system functionalities and a build up of toxicity in the body.

2. Animal products

You don’t have to stop eating animal products altogether, but take a look at how much of your diet is currently animal based. It’s proven that a diet high in animal meat can lead to chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Search for ways to get protein from other sources such as plants, nuts and legumes. Try to eat meat just once a day, and when you do, look for an organic, antibiotic-free source.

3. Dairy products

Consuming too many dairy products can negatively impact your body. In fact, studies show that dairy products can ultimately lead to issues like cancer, kidney problems and osteoporosis. Less seriously, too many dairy products can be bad for the skin and cause respiratory issues. Swap out your milk and cheese for alternatives like soy, coconut or almond-based products.

4. Acidic foods

Many of us follow diets that are too acidic, which can ultimately affect the body’s delicate pH balance. Your blood needs to maintain a specific pH balance for it to deliver the right amount of oxygen throughout the body. A diet full of acidic foods leads to fatigue, inflammation and weight gain, among other issues. Highly acidic foods include items like meat, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, and caffeine and dairy products. Fruits and vegetables are high in alkalinity and easy to incorporate into your diet. You can also implement green supplements into your daily routine for a quick boost that benefits your body.

Eliminating or reducing your intake of these ingredients will help your body to function properly.

Additionally, by creating a diet more filled with plant-based, water-rich, alkaline foods, you’ll sustain a sense of fullness without packing on unnecessary pounds. Add more of the following to your daily intake and enjoy the benefits they provide:


As mentioned before, your body needs alkaline foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to maintain its well-being – at least three-quarters of the food you eat should be alkaline in nature. Chard, arugula, spinach and other leafy greens are low in calories, filling and deliver nutrients like folate, nitrites and vitamin K. Alkaline fruits like papaya, cantaloupe and blueberries are loaded with antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage.


It’s natural to think you should cut out fats if you want to lose weight. Don’t fall into this trap. Your body needs healthy fat to build muscle and connective tissue, as well as absorb nutrients. Healthy fat also helps you produce and retain the energy you’ll need to continue losing weight. Avocado, olive oil and many nuts and seeds like chia and flax contain the good fats your body requires to function optimally.


The human body is mostly water – up to 60 percent – and it needs to be constantly replenished. Keep your body ultra-nourished by drinking water throughout the day, as well as consuming foods with a high water content. Celery, watermelon and spinach, among others, are largely comprised of water.

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