How it was like in the very beginning of my real estate career Essay

When I first got my real estate license, I was already ready like yesterday! 1 year prior, I had already found a real estate company to work in and I was there attending all the meetings and learning all I can. Once I past the state exam, I was in tears and ready to rock and roll with joy!

I prepared in advance and asked so many questions from the broker and fellow real estate agents who I was surrounded with. In fact, I jumped around at least 4 different real estate companies picking everyone’s brains and asking a ton of questions and did a lot of cold calling and shaking the hands of many humans.

I learned so much that I felt like I was more than prepared. I felt the power and the excitement or all the elite who been there and done it. It was intoxicating. It was inspiring. It was an eye opener. It made me into a sales beast. It made me into a conqueror.

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I saw that real estate was the vehicle to drive me to be my best I can be and to unlock the best of me in my career. It drove me to discover many things I am capable of. It was persistency and consistency to reach great heights. Not just with material only but with mindset and attitude. You can be, do, have, anything in life as long as you are focused and love what you do.

Success breeds success. The more you do, the more you become. Just like at the basketball court. Keep shooting towards and into the basket and you will get better and better in making it into the basket and scoring and scoring until you have all the points you need to set yourself free. Everyone wants more time and money freedom. We all need to relax every once in a while and you deserve it when you work with blood, sweat and tears.

Do it with passion and make sure you love what you do because it will show. What you put in is what you get out.

Be a great farmer. Don’t go half way planting your seeds. Go all the way until the tree is on auto pilot where it bears fruit year in and year out. Don’t stop until you grow a nice fruit tree. Some have bigger goals to grow a farmland of fruit trees to help many and that’s where you touch many lives and share your abundance. I am always reminded by what my daughter told me when she was 10 years old, “sharing is caring” and I will never forget.

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I read many books, attended many real estate seminars, sat in many coaching sessions for personal development because I was seeking the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We were kids once and always wondered where the end of the rainbow ended up in. We were led to believe that there was fortune at the end of the rainbow.

That pot got me excited! It gave me fuel and motivated me to find out if it were all true. It was true. There’s so much in real estate than what we all think it is. It opens the doors to so much more than we know, it should be for everyone. I thought I knew everything but I keep learning more and it’s endless. Put your feet in the water in the world of real estate and you can enjoy so much.

I did so many open homes and learned so much about marketing and advertising, it leveraged me to open the doors to many things. It was fun and joyous to go through much experience. I met so many great people and to this day, I have kept in touch with many of who I shook hands with. Many have become my friends.

I had created a list and made a database of all these wonderful people and that’s what you must do- create a database of people to keep in touch with. It’s good for any field or business you get into because it’s not just for real estate. The fortune is in the list. It’s your license to print money when you need it. It’s not that you are going after their money. It is sharing your knowledge and serving your fellow friend/client. It can help them leverage their lives and make it a joyous one. Treat those as you want to be treated.

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From that list, I really worked it day in a day out. I still did many open homes and upped my marketing in Craigslist and met a ton of people from Craigslist. It’s still a very powerful medium. As long as you’re consistent, you won’t sell yourself short and convince yourself that it’s saturated with scammers. No, Craigslist is still kicking and going on strong. You just have to weed out the bad and keep thegood fruits and veges. They’re good for you!

I was so good at follow up and with people that I magnetized myself to close 6 sales in the very first 3 months after receiving my real estate license. Not bad huh?! Oh, I did make money on the side from loans as well. So that was something that my clients were happy with to receive from me.

After a year of working hard, I took a vacation because you need to rest and recharge your batteries to come up with more power, ideas, and inner and outer strength. It keeps the mind healthy and strong and will make it expand for further growth. The mind is a powerful muscle. Use it because just like how we work out with weights to make stronger biceps, the mind get its workout from usage of learning, nourishing, and giving it the rest it deserves. You can think clearer and you will make better and wiser decisions in real time. Don’t waste time. Value your time. You can replace money but you will never be able to replace time.

More power to you!

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