How does sustainable living help stop pollution? Essay

Why did I choose this topic?

I chose this topic because there are not many people writing about sustainable living and I feel there should be, the environment is important. A small amount of society is trying to get that message across but it isn’t breaking through that barrier, but all people care about is getting famous or things that are so minor. I found this topic interesting and I wanted to help save the planet for our future. Lots of people can help reduce pollution and global warming by reducing the amount of plastic that is used . I wanted to do this topic because in my family we use a lot of plastic and items that aren’t reusable, I want to save the environment, the animals and the human race. Three-quarters of children today say they’d rather have a career in online videos, according to a survey of 1",000 children aged six to 17.

What I hope to learn?

I hope to learn how to do sustainable living, and take what I learnt and apply it to my home life. For example I hope to learn how I can stop using an extreme amount of plastic bottles and other plastic items such as plastic containers, spoons and more items that can be harmful to the environment.


What have I learnt?

I learnt how sustainable living is good for the environment, sustainable living is a life choice that can change the environment’s current state by trying to recycle, reuse and reduce. Lots of items are made of plastic and materials that are harmful the environment and the world we live in today. Sustainable living is a good choice to help minimalize the amount of waste that is produced every day, instead of using a plastic bottle just use a metal one to reduce the amount of plastic that is dumped into the ocean. Try switching to solar power to make your electronics work, and stop wasting general power. Next time you go to the shop bring your own bags so you don’t waste the plastic ones. There are even reusable bags that you can put your produce in, at the fruit and vegetable counter instead of using the plastic bags provided by the store. The reason people do sustainable living is to cut down on how much land people use and how much of the environment the community destroys, how many animals die because of the waste they consume, trees die because people keep cutting them down. The human race is destroying the beautiful world we call home. Global warming is causing the ice to melt and the polar bears to die. The ocean life are dying because of the harsh chemicals and waste that get dumped into the sea. 300 million tons of plastic are produced every day, 2015 coastal cleanup collected more than 18 million pounds of trash from beaches.

Problems and solutions:

Sustainable living isn’t a cheap thing when you first start off. Getting all the items you need to live a sustainable life can be very cost worthy. Just to buy a solar panel costs about $25",000-$35",000. People that struggle to get money can’t afford to pay that price, The government should build houses that have facility’s that are sustainable, solar panels should be added to every house so it can replace the electricity with natural solar power. The supermarkets should stop using plastic to hold the items customers has bought. Instead they can use reusable materials. By doing this it reduces the pollution that gets added to our environment. Over 95 % of the earths population breathe in polluted air that can be harmful to the body. Over 6 million deaths occurred in 2016 due to indoor and outdoor forms of air pollution. Some of the ways people can reduce air pollution is buy reducing the amount of car trips they take in one day, by sharing a ride with someone that is going to the same place as you is better than everyone using private transport to get to the same place.


I think sustainable living is a great way to stop pollution and help the environment it helps reduce the disgusting things we are doing to our only home. If we destroy earth we wont have a another planet to go to. Why destroy it? Our nations doesn’t even bother trying to stop the pollution rates People are taking advantage of the earth, our community does not think about how their actions affect our earth, 40% of Americas lakes are polluted by plastic and other waste. In my opinion the government couldn’t care about the environmental issues we face all they care about is money, war and gaining control over the public, they know it’s there but still don’t do a single thing to stop it. I fear one day my children wont be able to experience the beautiful trees, or the clear oceans, the wildlife or even clean air. I fear they will grow up in a disgusting world where there are no trees , no animals , no sky my children might not even be able to live long they might die of the harsh conditions, I might die before they even come into the world. Just because of what we are doing to our world. Our home.

Summary and conclusion:

In conclusion by using sustainable living to reduce the pollution rates that can help us save our planet for our future generations and our health. We will be able to stop the wildlife from dying, the water supply running out and our oxygen just by altering our life style. Everyone can do their part to live Sustainable lives. It doesn’t have to be all at once or big things. Start small by taking your own reusable bags to the shops and using refillable water bottles and coffee containers.

Pollution is one of the worlds main factors for global warming and the only way to reduce the risks is by using sustainable living, by using it in our day to day life we can help save the environment and the human race because at the moment it doesn’t look like I will last long before we all die.

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