How does staff training and development relate to vision 2030? Vision 2030 Essay

Vision 2030 Relationship with Training

We will join forces with all government and non-government sectors to offer training to all the employees and provide opportunities for those who want to further their studies. We will also open up many learning and training institutions where our children will acquire education and immediately join training schools where they will achieve qualifications and the necessary skills needed for future careers. We will ensure that the trained people join the labor market and that businesses including private sectors employ only the trained member of staff. Those working and do not have the necessary qualifications and skills will train as they work. Trained members of staff will produce high-quality products and services.

We will affect our children with the necessary knowledge required to help companies maximize their production long before they join the labor market. We will invest in education and on vocational education and training by establishing vocational councils for industries who identify the qualifications, talents, and skills they need to produce high-quality goods and services as well as maximize their profits. The more the sales, the more the revenue, therefore, the training courses or the vocational education will finally help boost the country’s economy. We will consequently, expand the vocational training to fit each skill needed by the labor market. How do we achieve this? By making continuous training our number one goal and promoting a performance culture in our country. The companies must realize the need to perform and hence only employ skilled workers. The idea of cheap unskilled labor should be discouraged.

We need to pull efforts to achieve this endeavor and the best way to do it is to establish bodies such as Unemployment Control Authority. We also need to create jobs for trained people. We need to realize that our youth are the pillar of our strength now and in the future. If we do not help them unearth their potential, then our country is likely to remain poor but if we empower them with the necessary skills through training, and help them acquire well-paying jobs, then we will have a strong nation. According to statistics, over half the population of our country comprises of youths under the age of 30 years. We are more advantages to have such a high population of youths, unlike other countries. We need to invest heavily in vocational institutions and ensure they get the necessary training. Besides, we need to channel their energies towards entrepreneurship. We also need to encourage those with an entrepreneurship mindset to open small and medium businesses. The only way to achieve this is to create a youth fund where they can borrow money and repay without an interest. It will help create employment for those coming from training institutions armed with the necessary skills. The government and private businesses’ employees will be train remotely to acquire the necessary skills without interfering with their work. It will help establish human resources management principles. This is will also be implemented in all government institutions and ministries. In addition, the human resource department will be the establishment in all government agencies. The vocational institutions will offer training courses as well as the development of talents. In so doing, we will uplift the worker's efficiency and productivity to a very high level. We will also establish policies that will help us empower our country’s future leaders.

We will ensure that we build for our youths an environment where all opportunities are equal and only those with the required qualifications get them. No more will employment be acquire based on nepotism and corruption. Just the outstanding will be able to unlock opportunities. As we stand now, the government spends more than it receives. Training will help change things around. We will use the common services methodology. It focuses on pulling efforts to help maximize the usage of the resources. It also assists in providing a conducive working environment for the parties at a low cost. It will help raise productivity, reduce wastage of finances, increase in quality and minimize costs. We will be dedicated to improving the efficiency of government and public expenditure and reducing wastage.

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