Has technology made us feel lonely Essay

Technology has definitely helped us maintaining contact with one another ",thus helping us build stronger relationships. Technology helps people do everything from booking a flight ticket to planning to meet for a movie at the comfort of one’s home.

Two decades ago, if you wanted to call someone abroad, you had to use a payphone which has become a rarity now-a- days but was something that everyone strived to have in their homes. Today , you can talk to anyone around the globe using smart phones. Letters are now sent in seconds rather than days; pictures and videos are shared instantaneously.

As time passes on people get geographically separated from their loved due to a variety of reasons: education, work, etc.",. Technology allows them to stay in touch despite the distance . Smartphones have changed the way how people interact with one another. People can choose from video chat, online messaging, or sharing pictures and videos.

The Internet has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities and opportunities-people can stay connected 24x7.

But is the tremendous increase in the use of technology in the recent times , preventing people from socializing? More often people prefer to text their friends instead calling them over the phone or meeting them in person.

Now-a-days information about anything under the sun is easily available on internet. We do not need to interact with people to get more information. Everything can be done at the click of the mouse, thus there would be no need to go out and meet people. Dinner is the time when people can bond as a family. But even then people are busy with their gadgets.

Children are more comfortable in their own room with their gadgets. They don't want to interact with people who come to visit them but they share their feelings and thoughts with strangers on social networking sites. They do not realise that it is necessary to spend time with people personally so that they can understand the other person.

Earlier people were excited about attending functions and other social gatherings as they would be able to catch up with their relatives, cousins, friends. But now people are eager in only posting of pictures with hashtags.

The joy in the photo does not exist in reality.

According to a statistical survey, most teenagers spend an average of nine hours per day on social media. People seem to be more interested about what's on the screen rather than the life around them. They are always focussed on what others post instead of being content with their life. Children spend more time on Instagram and Snapchat rather than playing a sport and being physically active.

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