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Music] yes if you like that that means hello my friends in Greek my name is Chris ends in its Greek in the city tents the Greek cups right over there I have Google and it stops on that side engineering video I'm going to give you some tips if you're visiting Greece these might come in handy if you're not this video is completely pointless for you I'm sorry number one being called amalaki it's not always a bad thing in fact it might even be a good thing it might mean that you're making friends obviously if they're saying 'i send my lot gosh probably not good but if they're saying I'll give it a my luck I think I'm nice that is good kiss to most everything closes at noon it's like siesta in Spain but different because it's in Greece and I'm not sure what they call it in Greece but it's a break at noontime if you have anything important to get from the market do it in the morning so this way in the afternoon you have to the beach everything close it and you are not affected by the that is siesta tip number three transportation only happens at sea well and sometimes you fly places and drive but mostly you take ferries there's over 6000 islands in Greece only about 250 of them are actually inhabited by people but a lot of them don't have the airport so mostly you will be taking ferries you could save money if you go overnight like take a nighttime ferry because nobody wants to travel at night and also if you're taking a ferry during the time you're sleeping you're not paying for somewhere to actually sleep so there's another little price saving tip for you tip number five avoid Mykonos if you're on a budget Mykonos is gorgeous the clubs stay open to the wee hours of the morning and the bar is always pumping music but with the gorgeous beaches and the amazing nightlife comes a very hefty price tag drinks on amiga notes are the same like they are in New York City expensive as dinner on the island will run you thirty to fifty euros a person and time accommodations start at about $200 a night so good luck if you have no money if you do have money go to Mykonos you will have an awesome time my brother just sent me a snapchat oh my god I'm scared he never said snap number five antibiotics can be bought over the counter if you are anything like my mom you are going to stock up on antibiotics when you're in Greece nits in the stick up you don't need a prescription and it's way stronger than that in America I don't know where you're watching this from and I don't know if you need a prescription when you go to buy drugs but we do also on the side note if you are going to buy drugs from Greece make sure you consult with your doctor before using them I'm not tip number six food and Greece is amazing Greece is known for its seafood its grilled meats its olives its honey what feta cheese all the food and Greece's bomb and sometimes yes it can get expensive but if you are on a budget you can still eat like a boss because we have something called gyros and souvlaki and if you get one gyro or one or choose to be like yea it's only going to be about three euros and that is totally going to fill you up so you can eat well on any budget in Greece you're welcome tip number seven no one in Greece tips but if you do you are going to be treated like a Bop tip number eight visit before or after the peak season there in peak season which is like July August there are more tourists than there are Greeks in Greece everything's inflated airfare the prices are through the roof hotels ridiculous cannot be touched ferries not me but you know ferries like those boats very expensive because there's a lot of people try going in either June or September so it's offseason but you're still getting to go to the beach tip number nine the McDonald's at Athens Airport serves a mix I grow look if you have time and I know this is not really a tip but more something silly but if you have time on the layover in Athens go to the McDonald's and have mcdeere Oh tip number ten if you weren't the real Greek nightlife go to the bouzoukia most of Greece's nightlife is very mainstream now it's like top 40 radio or raves or techno or all that stuff but if you want the real Greek nightlife experience you want to go to what's called the bouzoukia so bouzoukia has live Greek music Greek dancing they throw flowers they used to break plates but I'm pretty sure that's way too expensive so if they don't do that anymore but yeah enjoy yourself get drunk have some ouzo I'll let you put half a cup I'll do it I can do it I'll do it well guys those were my ten tips on if you are visiting Greece I hope they were helpful for you I put a bunch of links in the description down below that might also help you if you're going to Greece don't forget to like this video subscribe by clicking that little red button down below and I'll see you guys next time my name is Chris this is drink in the city and suck up that's how you say I love you in Greek bye yeah [Music]

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