Garbage or art Essay

What is garbage art?

Most people think that garbage is just garbage, they just put it on the streets so it can be picked up by the garbage collector. But for artists it means being creative and creating beautiful art works.

With the art, artist express their feelings, their opinion about the politics, something about the city or they make fun of people.

What can you use?

Well, you can use everything, I mean literally everything.

From trash cans to toys, from car pieces to toilets.

Here are some examples, but these are just examples you can do many, many more just let your imagination do the work!

In south Korea an artist used 1",000 old doors to create a ten-story building. His name is Choi Jeong Hwa. This creation titled “Doors” was built in 2009.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are an artistic duo who have worked with garbage and shadows. They take trash from the streets, and make a figure out of it. With the right angle of light, you get awesome shadows

Artist eL Seed and his team worked 3 weeks on the Perceptation project in a neighbourhood, known as the ‘Garbage City’, located in in Cairo. It is painted on 50 buildings

David Mach makes from old coat hangers art. Most of the time he makes animals. He uses a mould to make these art pieces

Garbage art in The Netherlands

I thought that in our small country there wasn’t that much garbage on the streets, in rivers etc. but when I started this assignment I found a lot about other countries, but not that much about our country. So I did some research and I found out, that our small country does have a lot of trash on the beach, in the rivers etc. And I searched more and more if I could find some garbage artists, and yes I found some.

 Thirza Schaap, went 5 years ago to Cape Town, with her husband and son. When she landed there she was shocked by the amount of plastic. So every morning when she goes walking with her dog. She picks up trash and takes it home to make it good looking again.

 Elza Zijlstra is currently working as a part-time PHD researcher. Her creative energy is put into her company called TrashWorks.

Using small things that she finds on the beach, and images she finds in magazines. She creates little stories which she photographs and then prints

Some famous artists

 Jane Perkins, works with objects that she finds. She creates awesome works with a variety of objects. She makes portraits of famous people using waste products.

This is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe

 Michelle Reader, is an artist that works with recycled materials. She makes sculptures out of these materials. Sometimes she is asked for companies to make a sculpture. This helps with spreading the message of recycling.

 Susy Oliveira, is an artist who uses photographs that people forget. This is not always considered as recycling, but Susy doesn’t stop. She uses these photos by fixing them together onto a piece of foam. These sculptures get a pixelated look.

 David Edgar is an artist, and now we are not talking about the soccerplayer but about the artist. After 25 years working in the steel industry, he moved on to plastic. He now runs a website called Plastiquarium. He creates art pieces most of the time from detergent bottles.

 HA Schult’s is a artist who made the haunting ‘trash people’. The Trash People haven been going to many streets of many big cities all over the world. From the parks of New York City to the Great Wall of China. It took him and 30 other people 6 months to create these people from cans, computer parts and anything else.

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