Everyday struggles of men’s and women’s clothing in uk Essay

When was the last time when you were all dressed up for a party, polished from head to toe but you failed to pay attention to that tiny flaw with your dressing that eventually ruined it all for you? Let’s face it, we all make mistakes some are more obvious and stupider than the others but there is no escaping from these mistakes. If you live in Europe or the UK, you might relate to the fact that it is mostly cold in this particular region, so be it men’s or women’s clothing in UK, they are all made out of materials which generally keep you warm and cozy. But the problem with such materials is that they attract all sorts of fur and lint from everywhere around you. If you happen to own a pet then you can definitely relate to it. These tiny things can ruin your entire look if left unchecked. That is just one example of how your one tiny mistake can mess it all up for you. Let us go through some of the very common fashion mistakes which people make. Colour Contrast: This one is for men, many of them actually believe that it is ok to wear different colored belts and shoes. That is just aesthetically wrong, your belt and shoes should be of same colour. For instance if you are wearing a black belt then it’s important that you wear the same colored shoes or else they would both look out of place. Another common mistake among men is wearing a lose sized shirt. You may not be very fond of showing off your body and that’s alright but wearing a shirt that fits your body is completely different from showing off your body structure. The reason that your shirt must fit your body is because when you tuck it in, it gets wrinkly all around your waist which is not only annoying to you but it also reflects very badly on your overall personality. Wearing too much Jewelry: To all the women out there, unless you intend to dress up as an Indian woman in a traditional sari, it’s not okay to cover yourself up in a whole lot of jewelry. Believe it or not, jewelries are also categorized as formal and casual, so wearing your casual bracelets bangles or lockets with a formal dress is not okay either. With formal dressing it’s only sensible to wear something that’s not too heavy or flashy unless it compliments your overall dressing. Lose heals: A lot of time you can see a women wearing heels which do not exactly fit them. That tiny gap between your heel and the shoe closing which you thought that nobody would notice is actually more prominent than you thought. This is more common these days due to the growing trend of online shopping. There is nothing wrong with shopping for your shoes online, you just need to be aware of your exact shoe size, order too small and that too could be a problem for you. Saggy jeans: Unless you are a rapper from the late 90’s saggy jeans for women are what tight pajamas for men. Generally women’s clothing in UK comes in high quality but a lot of times after a couple months the jeans gets a bit saggy and looks like as if you’re wearing a diaper underneath. To avoid it, it’s always a good practice to go for a tighter size than what you usually wear in jeans. This would make your jeans last longer than they generally do without them getting saggy.

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