Escaping the nature Essay

On March 2015, a family with two children who lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina had decided to have a vacation to New York, United States. The family consists of a father named Chris, a mother named Jane, an 18-years old son named Charles and a 13-years old daughter named Mary. Charles is a very thoughtful person with blonde hair that loves playing soccer. Mary is a very humble and caring young girl towards her parents and brother, she is also a smart student in her school. Both Mary and Charles have the hobby of taking care of animals since their grandfather used to work as a zookeeper and they spent most of their childhood time at the zoo. All of them were so excited because it was the first time they had the chance to visit New York. They departed at 1 am in the morning for their 10 hours flight to New York. after being on the plane for 2 hours, suddenly the plane started to shake and the captain reported that there was a technical problem to the jet engine. About 10 minutes later, the plane shook even more and caused all the passengers to panic and disarray. All the passengers were unconscious until the plane finally fell to the ground and it was in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

An hour after the plane fell, all the passengers were found dead, except 2 children and they are Mary and Charles. They both still can’t believe what has happened and realized that they have to survive by themselves since their parents also passed away in the accident. Struck with emotions, such as grief and desperation, they moped around for days. They feel very confused and frustrated, and at the same time, they have to find for help so that they will be able to go out of the forest. After trying several ways to get help, no one seems to be coming to give help. They finally gave up and decided to search for things that can help them to survive the following days. The started to search for food, water and build themselves a shelter to protect them from danger because living in the forest is not that save. It was difficult and challenging for them at first, but they are starting to get comfortable and get used to their new living environment. Surprisingly they also befriended the animals that they encountered. Until one day, there are two hunters by the name of Harry and Max that were planning to hunt for some wild animals and when they found a deer, it tried to fight back over both Harry and max that they were struggling with the deer, since the deer was trying to defend itself from the hunters that put it in danger as well. Just in time, Mary and Charles were passing by the hunters and saw them being attacked. They ran as fast as they could to rescue the hunters and drove away from the deer. The hunters were now saved and they thank both Mary and Charles for helping them.

As a token of their gratitude, the two hunters provide help for them to go back to Buenos Aires. The two of them got back home safely and were able to meet the rest of their families there. Although the tragedy may cause them to be heartbroken and pessimistic, they also felt glad and lucky to be given another chance to live.

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