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The recent developments in technology plays important role in our society. These days the E- Commerce plays a vital role in buying of organic foods from the market. The sellers who are using this technology are getting more profit on marketing. It is spread over the entire world or across the globe the process of E- Commerce. Through this E- Commerce it is clear that from any place of any country we can buy organic food products. This study focuses how the organic food products are marketed via E- Commerce. The reputation meets the customer wants depending on their taste and preferences. Most of the companies are using this E – Commerce and through that they are attracting the customers and inducing them to buy the organic food products. The researcher has analyzed the various web portals in India that are playing predominant role in selling the organic food products and how they are marketed via E- Commerce. Further the findings, suggestions and conclusion has been provided based on the study.

KEYWORDS: E – Commerce, Organic Food Products, Benefits, Potential Elements.


Natural nourishment is sustenance delivered by strategies that consent to the gauges of natural cultivating. Gauges fluctuate around the world, yet natural cultivating when all is said in done highlights rehearses that endeavor to cycle assets, advance environmental equalization, and ration biodiversity. Associations managing natural items may confine the utilization of specific pesticides and composts in cultivating. At the point when all is said in done, characteristic sustenance are in like manner generally speaking not readied using light, mechanical solvents or built sustenance included substances. Natural nourishment generation is a self-directed industry with government oversight in a few nations. His most critical explanation behind acquiring natural sustenance is by all accounts convictions about the items' wellbeing giving properties and higher healthy benefit. These convictions are advanced by the natural nourishment industry, and have filled expanded interest for natural sustenance regardless of more expensive rates and trouble in affirming these guaranteed advantages deductively. There is far reaching open conviction that natural sustenance is more secure, progressively nutritious, and preferred tasting over traditional food which has to a great extent added to the advancement of a natural nourishment culture. Customers buy natural nourishments for various reasons, including worries about the impacts of traditional cultivating rehearses on the earth, human wellbeing, and creature happiness.

Organic food production has a unique advantage and in that they incorporate some of the standards and safety verifications. A number of organic products enjoy the advantage of supply chains that are shorter and tend to have the first hand information and resources of e-marketing. Organic food handcuffs lengthen the opportunities for personnel interactions disappear. Organic consumers are simply slightly motivated. E- Marketing an Organic food has moved from the majority market. Because farm issues the price value, supply and marketing process have attracted increasing consumer attraction and owner of investors. In many ways all three issues are familiarly interwoven. Retail pricing policies will surely persuade the speed selling volume, which farmers and food producers will exchange the selling activities like consumer need organic product so in the time search the website in mobile, sort out many farms in our boundaries. Buyer selects the company and buying order click. Enter the mobile number, farm was sending the OTP in our mobile number. Next confirmation massage delivered the particular days in cash on deliver the products. The retailers’ ability to protect an increasing level of quality supplies will influence both pricing and marketing policies and strategies.


Peter Jones, Colin Clarke-hill, Peter Shears, David Hillier, (2001) in their article entitled “Retailing organic foods” observed that natural foodstuff retail marketplace is clearly a varied one with a open range of players are looking to meet upward consumer demands. Each of these players faces their own specific strategic and outfitted management and marketing challenges but a number of wide-ranging issues can be identified. Generally the price of organic foods has been higher than those of their conventional counterparts.

Henri Simula, Tuula Lehtimäki, Jari Salo, (2009) in their paper entitled "Managing greenness in technology marketing" concluded that An effective green marketing practice is based on developing or applying the most suitable green technology and creating innovative applications and products based on that technology. In addition, technology selection has a natural effect on the green attributes of a final product. This research aims to increase understanding of what greenness actually is, its challenges and benefits, and how companies, as responsible actors, can make the most of developing, manufacturing and marketing sustainable solutions to benefit firms, the environment and society in general.

Atanasoaie (2011) in this paper entitled “Distribution channels on the organic foods market” observed the large farms that produce crops that require unique storage surroundings it is suggested the use of oblique distribution channels, through which can be sold large quantities of goods. These channels are the supermarkets, organic shops specialized, processors and various intermediaries. Some consumers want a closer get in touch with with producers, want to hear the story of the product because they place their trust in those who produce and sell these products, and confidence is inferior if the firm is even further away.

Ekaterina Arabska (2014), in their article entitled “Marketing Strategies in Organic Production in Bulgaria” conclude that compliance of organic production to sustainable development and the change consumer behavior and demand towards healthy and safe food is not enough. Market prices are a key element in the purchase decision made by customers on one hand, and in the production decision made by producers on the other. The easy right to use to worldwide markets and good obtain prices of raw materials composes the sector in the country export-oriented. The study poses and discusses some important issues on the organic farm profitability and the influence of the European and the state support.

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