Dear, Your Excellency,

I, {****}, a part of [*PARISH NAME AND LOCATION*], ask you, Bishop Grahmann, to verify me personally as a member of Roman Catholic Church. I would really like for the sacrament because i do want to be an energetic member and participant in the Catholic Church. Once I have received it, I will be named a complete member of the Catholic Community, enabling me to be active in the parish with additional depth. As a confirmed individual, i'll be better capable take part in numerous events within my church community. Getting Confirmation will even let me be closer to God.
My preparation the Sacrament of verification has been incredible. There were occasions when it seemed that I'd better things to do in place of …show more content…

But often it is because God has one thing better available for all of us. Within my preparation, I became able to find out more about my real self. It absolutely was like I happened to be considering myself from above. We deepened my faith and felt closer to God every minute We heard something new.
i've plumped for {******} to present me for you in the day's my Confirmation also to witness my dedication. I made an option become verified because it is something personally i think highly about. Whenever one choses become confirmed, one is saying your explanation one visits church is really because one wants to, rather than because one is being taken there. By deciding to be verified, i will be additionally choosing to love Jesus forever.
You will seal my commitment to Jesus and their church by anointing me with oil and by calling me by my title. The name i must be called within my Confirmation is Augustine. I've opted for that name because, like Saint Augustine of Hippo, there have been times when I'd doubts of exactly what my faith was about. But ever since I’ve been finding your way through my Confirmation, my eyes have opened and I also no more believe because I’ve been told to believe. I’ve felt God with me. I’ve noticed exactly what Jesus does for me. And I’m anxious to talk about that feeling with other people who've wandered away from the road to your Lord.
I understand that the gift suggestions associated with the Holy Spirit helps me develop the church, and I need to share in accumulating the Church by helping my friends come nearer to God. Accumulating the

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