Common problems of heis in the conduct of research Essay

While reflecting and trying to accomplish academic requirements (whether reaction, thesis or simply an essay), I came to realized that while I am enjoying the process and learning a lot, there are just so many flaws that I have to deal with.

I am the type of person who loves to learn and always finds time to seek knowledge in and out of the classroom, especially, on things and matters that interests me most. Of all the macro skills, it is writing that I personally find difficult. I can express my thoughts, yes, but writing it down, I find myself difficult to motivate. In my years of teaching, whether in the basic education or in the tertiary level, I have students like me, who can express themselves, and their thoughts as well in speaking, but have a hard time in writing activities. And this is true, even in post grad thesis.Like students, there are various difficulties every HEI faced on writing research articles. Some of those include the format, what to write, how to write, and the use of related literature. Some formats are not parallel, allowing confusion to the readers or the panelists during defenses. There were and are times that I personally sit as a panelist and this practically happens. The institutional format is irrelevant to the existing format for researchers, and whenever recommendations comes in (format, references, related literature), other members would tend to disagree and insists on what is existing. Members of the defense talk about detailed changes and corrections, everything that they want to be added, and all they ever wanted is to consider their reactions and not on the improvements of the paper. Sometimes, the defense room become a battle of all-knowing neurons. Another problem is not mainly on what to write and how to write but it is actually on writing and use of related literature. The inclusion of various related literature studies to the findings of the study is also one of the challenges HEI is faced with. Moreover, spending too much time summarizing the paper, and not enough time deciding which related study to be used is also difficult. Based on observation, the use of related literature, what key concepts and interpretations from these studies to analyze my data, writing explanations from general to a particular theory or contextualizing every finding in relation to a previous study, is what I find it difficult. This probably lies in thinking and notion that related literature is simply about saying what is already known about the topic. But it is not. It is actually translating knowledge to one’s position and explaining the study or the findings. Yet, I find it somewhat laborious.

Nevertheless, trying my pace in the field of academic writing is always a learning process. I may not be an expert now, but soon, I guess, I will be there.

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