Colour application Essay

The use of colour originated with creation from artist such as Paul Klee, Marc Chagall and Wassily kandinsky. The main element that they used in their work was colour, this was because their work was about abstracting the imagery, they wanted colour to portray an fundamental emotional connection between the viewers engagement within their work. The perception of colour associated with emotions in paintings became the subject matter as well as studying the theoretical concept. The theorist, Kandinsky was one of the first pioneer who was able convey how variety of colours provoked emotions, alongside of this Kandinsky suggests that there is an association between certain formal elements such as colour and form.

The use of colour in paintings

Colour incite human behaviour and emotion. Through initial research it was established that their were a variety of inspiring artists use colour to express the human emotions. It has been profound that different types of colour can relate to variety of emotions, how people use colour to portray their own mental state. When the audience is looking at any piece of work they are curious to know what medium the artist has used and why and how it reflects on their purpose, and why the material create or sets a certain mood.


The aim for this proposal is to explore the history of colour and how it has been developed over the years, as well as recognising and understanding certain aspects of artists work and why they use particular colours in their work. An exploration of how colours make evoke certain emotions through the work of these practitioners will also be explored as well as gaining an insight to their decision making. Through these findings I am hoping to expand my knowledge of colour through visual examples and exploration and insight to my own contemporary practice. Based on examining this process I can consummate that my theoretical work on colour is at incipient stage.

Background of colour.


For this theoretical approach. Arrange of a resource methods was undertaken for this dissertation proposal in order to fulfill the examination of theory of the use of colour.

The main source of material that will be referred to are Mark Rothko documentary and resources online.

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