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There is a lot that goes into making cars these days ",so I decided to research all the different ways everyone has put into to make them better. Mechanical Engineers are making some of the best technology innovations in today's world as well as going ahead of time and creating our future.In Advances in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering the author states that “A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with an as many original ideas as possible”(As'arry) . Creating as many original ideas as possible is always good in Mechanical Engineering.In "Imagineers in Search of the Future." the author states that “ What I enjoy most is watching my ideas take shape and eventually come to life” (Dehrer) . I will be researching new products that have been made, and figuring out how they made , it how the creation can help the world , and also figuring out a solution to create better vehicles.

Mechanical Engineers have come up with numerous of inventions. For example, they have created hydraulic valves. Hydraulic valves are big reason why Builders are able to build and pick up huge objects including cars that are on a assembly line . In Smart Actuation of Pumps and valves the author states that “Simple tractors may use mechanical valves as well as an electrically actuated load lift valve” ( HITCHCOX). This invention is a very unique one because of how it works and how it is made. The hydraulic system pressurizes the working fluid that is usually hydraulic oil and it causes pressure in the cylinder, and if everything goes according to plan then the hydraulic system should move.In Ping-Pong Ball Launcher Challenges Student's Creativity the author states “The machine’s main hydraulic system need pressurized fluid to provide the force needed to control” (Kornoelje) . While making the

hydraulic system able to move, you will be able to move or do whatever you need to do with this system. You might ask how and why does this system matter to the world. Well, humans can only lift, and work to a certain extent, so with this system, it allows you to work and feel like the strongest person in the world and that is how it helps .In Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Materials and Industrial Technologies the author states “Proportional transmit only enough engine power to drive the specific loads for a job” (Yang)",. This talks about how there are different powers needed to do different jobs, and that means there are all different types of things that need different powers to do different things like a Ping pong ball launcher.

There are lots of machines that are still not created in this world, so we look forward to our future engineers to make and design them out of what we have now. Student engineers projects help them learn what they need to know about being a future Engineer. (“Students are regularly asked to act as inventor/engineers”) . Our future engineers are young people that are capable of creating anything they are told to make . (“We asked the students to design a freestanding structure that could consistently launch a Ping-Pong ball as far as possible”). In this case, these future engineers are being told to make a ping pong ball launcher with guidelines. The guidelines are simple for these groups of engineers. The engineers will have to use the supplies that are for sale from the teacher and have to budget their money properly just like the real world engineers have to do. (“Teamwork was important and essential to success”) . You might be thinking ",”What does that quote have to with anything ? I think it stands out in saying collaborative work is imperative for engineers to establish stronger prototypes and better ideas. Making our future engineers work together is one of the best activities to do while they are at a young age, just like a young baby.

People have dreams, some people's dreams are bigger than others. Like a 10-year-old child you wish for it to come true, but that doesn't always happen. What if it actually came true one day? (“ Unleashing the forces of Imagineering to create a true “virtual reality” world of entertainment and adventure “) . This quote talks about how Walt Disney World’s groups of people came together and put their ideas all into one big concept. As an engineer, you will not be able to always create some of the best ideas by yourself Think about it . When you are taking a test and you can't talk to anyone. You feel like you do not have very many resources and ideas. So; overall when you come together as one unit you are able to take down the task quicker and easier. (“ Place for people to find happiness and knowledge “) . If you live in Orlando ",Florida ",then you are in the perfect place to find lots of knowledge. Knowledge moves at the speed of light and if you are not paying attention, then there is no gain whatsoever. When you look at America's rise to power during the past war era, it is easy as well as trivial to attribute it to the abundance of natural resources and surplus number of new inventions, But really we must consider how those inventions came about and how those natural resources were utilized to a productive end. (“ Walt Disney World said We keep moving forward opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious “) . Opening up new doors is always the best thing to do especially if you are a soon to be engineer. Like my Grandfather use to tell me, “pearls don't just lie on the seashore. If you want one ",you have to go and search for it, and dive into the water. If you keep doing things the same way you always have, you will easily fall into a rut. I have always been taught by many of my elders to satisfy your thirst for something different and reap the rewards. Most of the time trying something new that you or anyone is interested in usually takes new skill, and sometimes you will back down from the task. That fear in you that is holding you back from the task is because you are afraid of failing. Don't let that stop you. Engineers won't let anything stop them.

There are all types of cars that engineers have created today, and not all of them run on the same fuel. You might be wondering and questioning, is there other types of fuel for my vehicle? The answer to that is “yes” there are actually many different types of fuel for your vehicle like E85, Regular pump Gas, and also Methanol. (“Not long ago, biodiesel was a pretty exotic substance”) . Though they have long been the de facto standard in Europe, diesel-powered passenger vehicles represented just 1 percent of U.S. passenger vehicle sales in 2012. The sales for these vehicles were not very good but as the time goes by Mechanical engineers are working on figuring out why there was such a big delay in sales. (“ The U.S. passenger car market now includes diesel from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Jeep, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volkswagen”) . Today, these biodiesel vehicles are doing a lot better in their sales. The citizens of the U.S. are realizing how much better these vehicles are, and how much better they perform. The performance of these vehicles versus regular vehicles is different in a very good way if you ask me. These biodiesel vehicles have forty percent better fuel economy than a regular diesel or gas vehicle. (“There are numerous environmental benefits to using biodiesel”) Biodiesel is nontoxic and biodegradable, and it is nearly free of sulfur and carcinogenic benzene. Sulfur and Carcinogenic are two of the components of petroleum diesel that the EPA and state emissions boards regulate due to environmental and health concerns. Mechanical engineers are geniuses for this invention. It keeps our planet clean, and we need to keep this planet clean for our other generations to fall into place correctly. Thankfully ",we have figured everything out and this world is on a jump start to a better and cleaner place. If you are not into making the world better with diesel, there are many other ways to make a difference.

Turbos are one of the best inventions ever made on the market. They are selling for many differents kinds of use . You might wonder what is a Turbo and how they work ",and why were they get invented. To understand Turbos you have to know the basics of how an engine works . Think of an engine like a very large pump . It sucks air and fuel into a cylinder, compresses and combusts it ",before pumping out all the goodies that people like to get angry about. To get more power from an engine, we need to burn more fuel, more quickly . Getting fuel is usually as simple as turning the tap up, but unless thereś also more air ",that extra fuel is useless. A cylinder is limited in how much air it can breath, by its size or displacement. Historically when engine makers wanted more air to mix their fuel , they needed a bigger cylinder. There was no replacement for displacement . This made engines larger",heavier, and often times slower to rev. Then in 1905, a Swiss engineer of the name Alfred Buchi , came up with a replacement for displacement, when he used the exhaust gasses of an engine , to power a compressor that then fed into the combustion chamber. More air , means more fuel could burn, and get more of a explosion . Turbos were quickly adopted by aeronautical industry. When youŕe 20",000 feet up , the air is almost half as dense, and engines would lose as much as half their power . A Turbo restores air pressure in the engine, back to sea level pressure. This is called turbo normalizing . When a Turbo is used to exceed that pressure , that's called Turbo charging. As your engine expels exhaust gasses, they enter in the turbine . The exhaust air gets piped over thus turbine, and spins it like a pinwheel. Now we're done with the exhaust, and gets shot out the back of your vehicle. The turbine is connected to the impeller, on the other side of the turbo, And it also spins too. As it spins , it sucks in a ton of air through the inlet , and shoots it out the outlet into your intake manifold. The air is now dense, so it has more oxygen, so it can burn more gas more quickly, giving you more power. But in order to use turbos more effectively to save gas, and burnless you need a correct tune. A tune transfers lots of information to your car to make it run how you want . By running a tune in your car ",plus turbos ",you will be sure to save gas in this world, and because of these two inventions working as one .

Coming together to give each other ideas is always a good profit for this world's future. Our future is depending on the people who are creating new inventions and bringing them into production just like our vehicle companies. (“The ability to share your ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals”). When going to conferences ",you can get a profit of many ideas off of lots of others. There are many different organizations coming together and creating various products. Most of the time their product will sell and make a small company into a big organization. In the article it talks about (“Lets you locate possible investors for your business”). While they were at their conference they saw that there were many possible investors for their companies.(“Learning of free resources you can try”). In Mechanical engineering, you should always look for resources that can benefit you and your company and that's how to be a successful Mechanical engineer.

As we have discussed, Mechanical Engineers are making some of the best technology innovations in today's world as well as going ahead of time and creating our future. I'm sure one of the most rewarding innovation is Walt Disney World located in Orlando ",Florida. Mechanical Engineers have done a very advanced job in creating almost a whole new world on just one piece of land. Because of the many original ideas that Mechanical Engineers created, we are able to do things unimaginable to humans. The hydraulic valves allowed building to soaring to beyond our imagination. In conclusion, the world is a better place by having Mechanical Engineers be a part of it. They have not only made the world a better place, they've made it an easier place to live in. Their designs and creative inventions are taking the world into the next century. Our future truly looks bright.

Someone as interested in cars as I am, is always curious of how things are made and designed.With all the new innovations, is it guaranteed that we are safe in these new cars? One of the newest innovations is self-driving cars ",but is it safe to not be aware at all times of what's going on in the road.Self-driving cars means exactly what it says",one that can drive itself ",with that being said it's closer to being reality than you think. Recently a self-driving shuttle in Las Vegas got into an accident on its first day of service. The shuttle hit the front end of a delivery truck.It was minor accident ",no one was hurt, but with self driving cars taking over and becoming the future of our cars ",how can we avoid these problems ? Something they mentioned in the article is platooning; platooning is where multiple cars drive very close to each other and act as one unit. Even though that's great idea to reduce traffic with self-driving cars it would be very difficult for everyone to own a self-driving car. I propose that engineers should really test out these shuttles more than a couple a times before putting them out in the market.They should also work on sensitive sensors that can detect a car or any blockage from a foot away",give out a warning and have automatic brakes. I believe that self driving cars and shuttles can use a lot of improvements before we all start using them.With all these new technologies innovations, we should really focus on safety.

People say that with all these new innovations we should feel safer driving. One of the newest inventions is airbags that can help stop cars.Mercedes-Benz is working on new airbags that deploy from underneath the car and help stop a car from being in an accident.These airbags would have a friction coating that would help slow the car down and can double the stopping power of a car.This project is still in the works ",and it's very hard to say if it is safe.When you think about it , if you are going at constant speed and brake really hard there could be a good chance that the person from behind can hit you.So, how are we guaranteed that we are safe on the road.I think they should really think about think about this idea.Instead of airbags for the wheel maybe the tires should have thick layer that can be triggered to stop a car before it gets hit.I think it would take longer for the airbags to go back in their little bag and what if they're not the same after a couple of uses.Therefore, I believe we should be aware safety with these new innovations.

In conclusion, in today's modern day there is a lot of things were not fully aware of about new car designs and innovations. Mechanical Engineers are making some of the best technology innovations in today's world as well as going ahead of time and creating our future.Mechanical is part of our everyday life and it's necessary for the innovations to be safe.So as what I strive to be one I hope I can make things safe for everyone.

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