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welcome back to my channel my name is

nate today I wanted to do a video about

my top six motivational books have

changed my life so I'm going to start

off with the Four Agreements I read this

book last year it's by Don Miguel Ruiz

there's four agreements or what they are

called and the four agreements are be

impossible with your word don't take

anything personally don't make

assumptions and always do your best and

it's really good and it's more of a

wisdom but just to know these certain

things and it helps you communicate

better with other people it's like more

of a self-help book like a personal

growth book more for like your

personality and who you are and it kind

of makes you a brighter person actually

read it on the way to California I'm

from Florida and it was like I think

like a five or six hour flight and I

read the whole book and I really liked

it I'm actually probably going to be

reading it again sometime soon to look

at things a little bit differently from

a different point of view and it helps

you kind of understand you know what

you're thinking at the time and like how

to deal with people and I just think

it's a really all-around great book the

second one is mine Holy Grail that's my

favorite one if you don't like reading

you can actually watch this documentary

on Netflix it's called the secret by

Rhonda Byrne and if you haven't heard of

this pretty sure you're living in a rock

but it's gotten really big now that

social media is pretty good but it's

basically about the law of attraction

and it talks about the history behind it

in the past and people that actually

believed in it which is pretty crazy

Plato Beethoven you know I'm sign all

these huge people and you know if they

believe in it and these big historical

figures I think that it's worth the try

and I know that a lot of celebrities

believe in it and it's basically a like

a law with middle law of gravity this

concept called the law of attraction

it's basically what you think about like

you're stopping or reality and you

create your reality some people think

it's a load of like yes but if you

actually just try it just try it for a

month and I'm telling you your life will

change I found this book or I actually

watch the documentary first the

documentary is basically the same as the

book if not like exactly the same but I

found it about two years ago that's

where I get a lot of my motivation from

the law of attraction and the concept

behind the book there's a few other

books that you

about it and there's a lot of like

YouTube videos I actually have a video

on it called the law of attraction I

think I put like this steps to increase

your vibration and that is basically

like what you think you become you can

manifest whatever you want to your life

easily then if you had a lower vibration

so you should definitely check that

video another one that I read this is

like my first self-help book that I ever

read I actually just went into the

library and just found one and it says

on it like six million copies sold I was

like okay well this can't be too bad if

a book and I was right this book is

amazing it's called the magic of

thinking big by David Schwartz this book

basically helps you not be afraid of

your goals and kind of understand and

help implement things that you have in

your mind and to just do it it's a very

motivational book and it's really easy

re basically saying that like how to

succeed in might be positive and just

think big and outside the box and don't

be afraid to go for what you want and

tells you basically how to do that

without like fearing is that make sense

so this is definitely definitely a great

book another book that I read which is

kind of similar to valent is you are

badass by Jensen zero or some Chico and

in the half an ounce it I actually found

this book from a youtuber that I watch

this book is honestly amazing it puts

you in a different mindset on that other

book that the magic of thinking big kind

of helps you start thinking big and

start like getting motivated to do this

stuff this book makes you do this stuff

it helps you like understand why you're

thinking certain things and why you're

not living and fulfilling your dreams

the way that you should be and it helps

you go and like basically pushes you to

do it all about action and I think this

is really really really really great

book this is a house of reason books

that I have in this whole book also I

would definitely check this one out if

you're like more into like more the

recent books this is not really a book

it's more of like if you call like a

Bible kind of thing it's called spine

you are happy by Shannon Kaiser and

their daily mantras each day you open it

and it's a mantra in it so today is

January 24th phrase at the top it says

my stress of trying to tell me something

then it explains to you because you may

be overwhelmed and working too hard if

you feel stressed this is an

of imbalance and your life is not

flowing instead of trying to get it all

done and work hard to make something


consider a more playful fun approach

when you add joy to your routine your

stress levels go down it tells you

underneath that a quote of like kind of

what you should be thinking right now

that you should like say out loud and

kind of manifest and it says I remove

all unnecessary worries and past for my

life I choose to focus on adding more

playful energy to my stressful

situations this helps me get out of my

own way so I can be more productive and

playful and then ask you a question of

do so you can kind of figure out what

your next steps are to accomplish this

mantra and it says where can I add more

play into my life so I just think this

is really great it starts your morning

off perfectly every day is different

it's so motivational and so inspiring I

think this girl is amazing this is a

great book and you can do it every

single day and keep repeating it and

keep reading it every single year it's

like such a great thing it's like one

day to day and it's just so great it

helps me feel so inspired and motivated

for the morning last book I have is Kate

Hudson's pretty happy this book is

really a beautiful book you know how

like celebrities do like those diet

exercise books all the time this is more

of like how to stay so happy and if you

know anything about Kate Hudson come on

Goldie Hawn and her are very very happy

all the time they're always smiling

they're always positive

you know they're always just like such a

great energy in this book kind of goes

into how she does that it does include

diet and exercise but it also includes

like meditation how to remain positive

like all these great tips that she

learned from her mom and learned

throughout her life and I just think

it's such a great book and I feel like

she's such a great person and it's like

your mentor through like this whole book

and I think it's a great concept and I

really really highly recommend this book

so that is all for my top motivational

books if you guys have any motivational

books that you guys want to share please

bring it down to low I love finding new

book especially self-help books they're

like my favorite

I really really appreciate that you guys

watch this video give this video thumbs

up if you like this type of video and

I'll see you guys all in another video

bye guys

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