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The nature between the media, science and the public has transformed extremely over the period. Science is the key for economic growth. It influences our life on daily basis by climate, food and so on. Throughout media impacts public choices and opinions even though science is ‘controversial’ and ‘expensive’ in its own right. ‘All of these features are made public in the broadcast sense through media.’ Though, the nature of broadcasting science is complex which needs devoted understanding and effective interference.

Sometimes thoughtless science publishing can deteriorate the public’s confidence in the government and science. The media is extremely influential and leading and will affect people’s feelings on everything. ‘There are plenty of stories in the media’ that will change the public’s perception of science or even make them see a new perception. ‘Sometimes these stories are just written to scare the public into believing a certain thing just so they can sell their stories.’

Stories sometimes are false and sometimes true; however, it is up to the public to believe in what is wrong and what is right. In this day and age, where info is obtainable on the internet it’s not astonishing that the media is a mainly powerful and dominant.

Task 2 (M2)

MMR vaccine:

I have taken this text from the ‘institute of development studies’ web site, you'll be able to see the reference from above. I’ve got checked out this text and it principally concentrates on the read/ view points of the audience concerning MMR vaccines. I’ve read the article an there are many alternative opinions on the injection.

The media has highlighted the views of the those that may wish the vaccine, they need been raising the problem that the MMR vaccine is unsafe and won't work. This implies that the general public is anxious and concerned regarding if they might get that vaccine. The media provides a bearing that it'd be safer to not have the vaccine and you’re less seemingly to die from the MMR. The media has been giving the incorrect facts regarding the vaccination and not specializing in the positive aspects of it we are able to see this once you examine the article.

The media has been terribly dangerous to the subject of the MMR which means that there have been lots of discussions and negative opinions on the vaccine; this has affected the alternatives of the parents. Parents have found the affiliation between obtaining the vaccine and their kid tormented by syndrome (autism). This has decreased the readiness of parents to induce their kid vaccinated. The media has influenced their views avoiding their children from the MMR vaccine.

Comparing how this topic was described in the magazine article to the newspaper article. The key changes between the magazine article and the newspaper article were that the magazine article was more informative; but the newspaper article was in my viewpoint focused more on the ‘perturbing/ worrying’ of the public.

When I have read the article taken from the newspaper it gave me an impression that the vaccine has been presented in a negative way because it made an impression as if the anxiety given to people was on purpose.

The newspaper article didn’t give much detail. However, it did write about the fact that the vaccine has been rising problems in different areas of the UK. It has also written about the statement that the scientists have to make a lot of development on the vaccine due to its side effects of children getting the syndrome (autism).

Stem cell research:

Stem cell has the potential to grow into many different types of cells throughout early life and growth. When a stem cells divides, each new cell has the potential also to continue a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more particular function, such as a red blood cell, muscle tissue or brain cell.

The reason why the stem cells are so essential because it characterise a thrilling are in the medicine because of their potential to repair damaged tissue and regenerate. Some recent therapies, like ‘bone marrow transplantation’, already make use of stem cells and their potential for ‘regeneration of damaged tissues’.

Majority of people from the public, thinks that it is wrong to destroy ‘2 to 6-year-old embryo’, even if it’s not intended to start a pregnancy.

Comparing the MMR vaccine and stem cell research, the public seems that they are more like the MMR vaccine compare to stem cell research. They don’t like the idea to destroy embryo even if it’s not intended to start a pregnancy.

Task 3 (D2)

Positive thinking about media and how it contributes to the perception n of science by the public is positive because the way the media presents science makes people aware of the things, they are capable of doing and what they are not. People will have different perspectives, of course, but the factual information is presented most often. There are times when the newspaper articles information about presenting science is not always positive. - agrees with euthanasia -agrees with euthanasia - agrees with euthanasia

- The articles above agrees with euthanasia, after reading the articles above the public perception could change immediately. After reading these articles people would understand that ‘death is a ‘private matter’ and if there is no damage/harm to anyone, other people have no right to interfere. People might think about the question ‘Is death a bad thing?’ as a philosophical question. -disagrees with euthanasia - disagrees with euthanasia

- The articles above disagrees with euthanasia, after reading these articles the person’s viewpoint could change. After reading these articles they might think in religious way. Some people can see a ‘positive value in suffering’ and ‘the nature of suffering’. Some people might think euthanasia is ‘homicide’, even if the intention is to ease the pain or the person has a terminal illness.

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