American history Essay

Throughout history women served one purpose, to be the watcher of the house and children. Especially in the U.S, due to being a newly founded country, women haven’t gotten the opportunity to enhance their political and social roles. Men in society have always been the gender to bring in the food and income to their household, however during 1790-1850 these change. From serving as housewives to working outside the home is not a change that occurs without its causes. Many movements and economic struggles have caused women to ultimately change their roles. Not only were women serving as Housewives but they had little to no rights, such as not having the right to vote, this sparks the women’s suffrage movement. Women’s rights throughout 1790-1850 can be characterized completely by change and not continuity, several points cement this.

The way that women displayed themselves in public did not reflect on what they did at home, at all. In public women were dressed orderly with large blouses and always with their husbands. They had hard laborious work at home and were constantly busy with home duties. But once they went into a public atmosphere they had to put on a facade as if everything was perfect and they didn't have any troubles. This only

During this period of time(1790-1850) was the advent of many economic changes. The northern regions of the U.S became much more industrialized/urban, resulting in a larger middle class and factories being put in place. At this point in U.S history, many strikes were taking place

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at factories and men were leaving their jobs due to the low pay rate. However, the factory owners knew how to counter this, by hiring women workers. For the first time in U.S history were men and women working in the same field. Although they were not gaining the same pay as the men were (they gained a considerably less amount) this was still a huge advancement in the women's rights movement. After women were hired for work, factory owners started to hire young girls to work as well(with an even lower pay rate), these girls were known as “factory girls” Their jobs consisted of knitting and weaving. Women gaining jobs them a sense of economic independence.

Women were slowly but surely raising their social status. Many women were not educated in any arts except for keeping their home in check, however in the early 1800s schools were put in place solely for women to attend. Later on, in, 1839 a few states permitted wives to own property after their marriage. All of these movements were made because of women who advocated for women's suffrage, women such as Susan B, Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Susan B, Anthony was an advocator for women's suffrage and eventually an anti-slavery agent. And Elizabeth Cady Stanton was also an advocator for the same purposes as Anthony, these two women were essential in gaining more rights for women and Elizabeth was the leader of the Women's Suffrage movement. Elizabeth Cady Stanton at the Seneca Falls Convention in New York in July 1848 wrote the Declaration of Sentiments. The Declaration of Sentiments was a declaration that had demanded that before the law, education, and employment, men and women

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should be equal. This influenced many women to start fighting for their rights, and many advancements were the result

Women had a hard time during the birth of the U.S. They had little to no rights and were second class when compared to men. They were not able to get jobs nor were they able to bring income into their home. Their only purpose was to supply their families with love, support, and food. They proved that they could lend a helping hand in many ways and their endeavors were not fruitless.

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