A road to a greener economy Essay

The ambitious road to a Greener Economy

On December 12, 2015, multiple world leaders assembled in Paris to propose a plan to restrain the forces of climate change (Roston and Tartar). Two countries each promised to diminish the intensity of their greenhouse gases by 2030. So far, India and China have each taken steps to close down coal-run power plants and reduce carbon dioxide levels.

The current sixth most prominent cause of death is small-particle pollution and it can lead to several forms of cardiovascular diseases including lung cancer (Roston and Tartar). As of 2016, there were 4 million deaths worldwide. Change has finally come to the attention of the government and China has made a declaration of permanently fighting a battle against pollution. Both India and China plan to decrease the amount of pollution in their air while supporting a steady and progressing economy. China’s major emission levels come from industrial power plants while India’s come from the extensive amount of cars and power stations (Roston and Tartar). This vast and populous nation - China, has been crowned the global leader in renewable energy expansion and top renewable energy producer with India trailing in a close third having also exceeded a milestone producing their 100 billionth unit of renewable energy in a year.

Both India and China are endeavouring to reach their goals before their set time frame, setting a standard for developing countries to do the same. They must continue to efficiently expand energy at the same time as promoting domestic production to satisfy the needs of the population while obtaining its Paris commitments. Renewable energy will not only bring major benefits such as reducing air pollution and lowering greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but it also brings large financial gain. It provides jobs and delivers socio-economic benefits. Renewable energy can bring electricity to over one billion people who lack access to this fundamental right and give another billion a sense of security with a reliable supply of energy. With all these profits that can be attained with renewable energy, there has been an influential dispute as to which country, China or India, has been giving more authority to form green energy. Nevertheless, China is doing the most effort to create sustainable energy initiatives and is leading the global energy expansion.

In order to handle this debate, this paper has been organized into three main sections and one subsection. In the first section, it presents the various viable outcomes of sustainable energy. In the second section, a comprehensive background is provided to set the scene. It enlightens the reader why these two countries have decided to drive this global energy shift. In the third section, an analysis of their actions taken is addressed. This involves their finance and investments into the energy sector as well as how they are performing the shift. This section also consists of a subsection displaying their achievements and successes. Finally",

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